The Cranberries Return With 'Tomorrow' Video

artist: The Cranberries date: 01/24/2012 category: online downloads

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The Cranberries Return With 'Tomorrow' Video
It's comeback time for The Cranberries. The Irish rock band is set to release "Roses", its first album in 11 years, on Valentine's Day, and now they've premiered their new video for the record's first single, "Tomorrow". Like the '90s hits "Zombie" and "Dreams", the track features the band's signature jangle and O'Riordan's yodel-y vocals. The new video features the singer wrapped up in chains and the album's titular flower, crooning about her desire to run away with her lover before it's too late. Of the 15 songs that the band recorded during the "Roses" sessions, 11 will appear on the final album. The other four tracks will be released as bonus numbers and b-side material. The album's track listing is as follows: 01. Conduct 02. Tomorrow 03. Fire & Soul 04. Raining In My Heart 05. Losing My Mind 06. Schizophrenic Playboys 07. Waiting In Walthamstow 08. Show Me 09. Astral Projections 10. So Good 11. Roses Check out the new video below!
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