The Cure Stream 20 Unreleased 'Disintegration' Rarities Online

artist: The Cure date: 05/17/2010 category: online downloads

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The Cure are streaming 20 unreleased rare tracks online, collectively entitled "Alternative Rarities 1988-1989". The series of live songs, rehearsal recordings and demos are not set to be released, or are they part of the upcoming remastered version of their 1989 album "Disintegration", which is released on May 24. Including instrumental versions of "Pictures Of You" and "Fascination Street", plus live recordings from their 1989 Dallas gig of "Faith" and "Disintegration", the bonus material is being streamed at The tracklisting for "Alternative Rarities 1988-1989" is as follows:
  • Closedown - RS Home Demo (Instrumental)
  • Last Dance - RS Home Demo (Instrumental)
  • Lullaby - RS Home Demo (Instrumental)
  • Tuned Out On RTV5 - (Instrumental Rehearsal)
  • Funknnotfunk - (Instrumental Rehearsal)
  • Babble - (Instrumental Rehearsal)
  • Plainsong - (Instrumental Demo)
  • Pictures Of You - (Instrumental Demo)
  • Fear Of Ghosts - (Instrumental Demo)
  • Fascination Street - (Instrumental Demo)
  • Homesick - (Instrumental Demo)
  • Delirious Night - (Instrumental Demo)
  • Out Of Mind - (Studio Instrumental Jam)
  • Late - (Studio 'WIP' Mix)
  • Lovesong - (Studio 'WIP' Mix)
  • Prayers For Rain - (Studio 'WIP' Mix)
  • The Same Deep Water As You - (Live Dallas Starplex)
  • Disintegration - (Live Dallas Starplex)
  • Untitled - (Live Dallas Starplex)
  • Faith - (Live Rome Palaeur - Crowd Bootleg) Thanks for the report to
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