The Kinks: Previously Unreleased Version Of 'Beautiful Delilah'

artist: The Kinks date: 11/03/2011 category: online downloads

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The Kinks: Previously Unreleased Version Of 'Beautiful Delilah'
You can hear a previously unreleased version of The Kinks' "Beautiful Delilah" by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking. The track, which is a Chuck Berry cover and the first track on the band's 1964 debut album "Kinks", will be released as part of a new 10-disc boxset, which is titled "The Kinks In Mono". The collection includes The Kinks' first seven studio albums, four EPs and two other volumes of further collectables. "The Kinks In Mono" will be released on November 21 and will also include a 32-page pop annual style book complete with new liner notes, memorabilia, rare photos and discography information. The entire collection is also recorded in mono rather than stereo. The Kinks' guitarist Dave Davies recently played down reports that the band were considering a reunion, revealing that he can't be around his brother for more "than an hour".
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