Watch John Baizley Of Baroness Team Up With Converge

artist: Baroness date: 01/22/2013 category: online downloads

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Watch John Baizley Of Baroness Team Up With Converge
This past weekend in Philadelphia, Baroness front man John Baizley joined forces with Converge. It was all part of the Decibel 100 show which celebrated the print publication's 100th issue. With performances from the likes of Pig Destroyer, Repulsion, and Municipal Waste already in the rear-view the evening was closed out by Converge. During the set they welcomed the Baroness front man to the stage. After sharing a tale about how the most recent album from Converge helped him recover from last summer's horrific bus crash, the two kicked out a raucous take of the song "Coral Blue", Antiquiet reports. You can check both the speech as well as the performance down below.
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