Yes Release First Video For A Decade

artist: Yes date: 07/15/2011 category: online downloads

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The promo clip is for the single version of the title track from Yes's brand new album, which was released last week. The video features none of the band (although look out for producer Trevor Horn - an unsurprising cameo considering the film was made by Horn's award winning film-maker brother Ken). The current Yes lineup is Benoit David on vocals, Steve Howe on guitars/vocals, founder Chris Squire on bass/vocals, Geoff Downes on keyboards and Alan White on drums. Roger Dean, the artist behind Yes' best-known album covers also returns for "Fly From Here". First formed in 1968, Yes have sold nearly 50 million albums worldwide and this summer will return to the road with new tracks "Fly From Here" as well as their classic material. "Fly From Here" tracklist: 01. Fly From Here Overture 02. Fly From Here Pt. I We Can Fly 03. Fly From Here Pt. II Sad Night At The Airfield 04. Fly From Here Pt. III Madman At The Screens 05. Fly From Here Pt. IV Bumpy Ride 06. Fly From Here Pt. V We Can Fly 07. The Man You Always Wanted Me To Be 08. Life On A Film Set 09. Hour Of Need 10. Solitaire 11. Into The Storm Watch the video for "Fly From Here" here:
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