A Letter To Santa

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A Letter To Santa
Dear Santa, 2012 was pretty good. I know you're busy wrapping up our presents, but I've been thinking about 2013 and hoped you could help with some other requests. There's just a couple of things. Nothing outlandish. First, I'd really like a custom Gibson and Batmobile hybrid. I know that sounds unusual, but I've drawn some pictures and it's definitely plausible. Second, we have a really awesome community of people on UG who we've really come to like. They make us laugh in the comments, they look after each other, and work really hard to perfect their craft. Music is a noble art, and few people in the world really get it. This community gets it. Maybe you can do something special for them. Also, can you to take a look at how many people have asked for guns this Christmas? I know there's plenty of valid reasons for having them, and the vast majority of gun owners are responsible with their weapons. But as we've seen this year, they aren't always conductive to peace. I mean, they focus the entire energy of an explosion in one direction, and some of them can do that a bunch of times every second! That's crazier than an on-stage comment from Dave Mustaine. I'm not saying you can stop every tragedy from happening, but you're one of the most connected guys I know, so I thought I would mention it. I'd also like Tony Iommi to get better. He's just too cool to die of cancer, man! His treatment is going well, but I won't rest until he's all clear. If you can't cure him, give him some local beer from his hometown of Birmingham. It'll cheer him up. Can you check on all the kids who were affected by Hurricane Sandy too? A bunch of them probably don't have their regular house to enjoy. I know you'll think of something special. I'll be sure to donate some money to the Red Cross relief fund too. You know, there's a bunch of things I wish I could ask you for - but now I think about it, I should take some of that responsibility on too. Maybe next year I'll start thinking more about what I can do for others, instead of relying on people like you and the Red Cross to do it all for me. It might just be small, but maybe for someone it'll make a big difference. I'll start with a $50 donation to the Red Cross right now. I'm not sure what to do after that, but something tells me it's the right path. Thanks Santa. Love from UG xx P.S. Don't forget: Gibson/Batmobile hybrid. With a built-in amp and webcam. I'll be waiting. Oh, and a dog with wheels instead of legs. Maybe with remote control. That would be rad. Donate to the Red Cross now.
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