Ask John Petrucci Anything!

artist: John Petrucci date: 09/05/2014 category: ug news
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Ask John Petrucci Anything!
Today we got something special for all of our beloved UG users, really special.

We're giving you a chance to ask the one and only John Petrucci of Dream Theater anything you want. The only condition is that the rest of the community approves it.

So we've done this before, but here's a brief explanation anyway - you guys share your questions in the comments and/or upvote/downvote the questions by other users based on your preference. We'll sum up your votes in due time and personally present the top-rated questions to Mr Petrucci.

A few basic hints - please check if the question you want to ask hasn't been submitted already. Also, avoid questions that can be answered with one word, meaning that it's better for the question to start with "how" rather than "what."

So let's see what you got, guys!
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