Ask John Petrucci Anything!

The guitar god wants your questions, now!

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Today we got something special for all of our beloved UG users, really special.

We're giving you a chance to ask the one and only John Petrucci of Dream Theater anything you want. The only condition is that the rest of the community approves it.

So we've done this before, but here's a brief explanation anyway - you guys share your questions in the comments and/or upvote/downvote the questions by other users based on your preference. We'll sum up your votes in due time and personally present the top-rated questions to Mr Petrucci.

A few basic hints - please check if the question you want to ask hasn't been submitted already. Also, avoid questions that can be answered with one word, meaning that it's better for the question to start with "how" rather than "what."

So let's see what you got, guys!

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    Hi John, You have one of the best lead guitar faces ever. Do you think it's helped or harmed you in the bedroom?
    What are some artists that you are listening to currently? What where the most influental artist on your new record? Any chance for a new Liquid Tension record? What would you do if someone magically took your guitar-skills one day and you had to start from zero?
    John, What's your approach to songwriting? Where does your inspiration come from and how does that evolve (solo or collaboratively) into a finished product?
    Hi John, what is your opinion on Devin Townsend and his music? Are you a fan of his music?
    Hello Mr. Petrucci! What do you think of Babymetal? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (serious question though)
    Hi John, Would there be any chance of doing the Nightmare Cinema thing again? Jordan can play guitar, and I'm sure Mike can plucka da bass if you ask him to!
    Dear Mr J. Belushi .... any plans for a new Blues Brothers Movie ?
    Its no secret that your style has been influenced by numetal, the song jaws of life off our your solo album sounds heavily influenced by the hit Limp Bizkit single, "Eat You Alive" had you hheard this song prior to writing the album?
    I hope your question makes its way to John ...unlike the "Ask Pixies Anything" and "Ask Soundgarden Anything" sessions which still haven't materialized
    thanks, bud. the Ask Soundgarden Anything did come up on the site. search for "soundgarden" under the "interviews" section, you'll find it there
    Mr. Petrucci, A lot of guitarists that play 7 strings name you as an inspiration for doing so, what made you pick up an extended range guitar?
    Hi Mr. Petrucci, first I just want to say that you're my all time favourite guitarist and thanks for the inspiration. And now to the question. Would you ever consider Steven Wilson to produce a Dream Theater album?
    This seriously needs to happen. Everything SW touches is gold, and I can only imagine his input helping the album to be phenomenal.
    It wouldn't happen. Steven wouldn't want to because he only likes to produce when he's a fan of the band.
    Hi John! When was the last time you tried to play something but couldn't because it was too difficult?
    rebel rocker
    Hi John, Are there any new bands that you've seen that you think have a very promising future and could end up being the torch bearers for rock/prog/metal one day, like Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Metallica etc have been for this generation?
    Hey John, Could you please start up a short youtube series on "How to play this" while waiting for your barbecue chicken to get done?
    Hi john You have amazing finger-skills. Do you think it's helped or harmed you in the bedroom?
    Steve Vai has his bees, Brian May has Astronomy, Jeff Beck has his cars, and Marty Friedman is a celeb in Japan. Do you have any notable hobbies outside of guitars?
    Hey John, I was wondering about your bodybuilding. As of what made you start working out heavily and if you could tell us a bit about your gym routine.