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Here, you can submit your questions to Joey Santiago of the legendary Pixies.

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Have you ever wanted to ask the Pixies a personal question? Well, now's your chance!

We're going to take your questions to Joey Santiago next week or so. All you have to do is pose your question in the comments below, and we'll take the best and most popular to him in our interview.

Pixies are back with "Indie Cindy," their first album in 23 years - isn't it a reason to pay your attention?

Ask anything you like. Remember, good questions are open ended - it's better to ask something that starts with "how" than "what" which usually leads to one words answers, for example. It's a great chance to get to know Joey and the band better than ever, so post your questions below and we'll post the results after speaking to him. Thanks!

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    Hey Joey, really excited to see you guys in Israel soon! I just wanted to know - can you tell us the story about the previous time the band was supposed to play in Israel? That gig was cancelled on a really short notice, and under a cloud of mystery, which left a lot of people dissapointed and started a wave of local animosity towards the band...
    How different is it playing for audiences these days that look at the Pixies as innovators (or even legendary) as opposed to when you were starting out and no one really even knew what to make of your music?
    Which albums or artists influenced your guitar technique the most?
    Hey Joey! I find I'm 10x more creative when surrounded by a band. Do you prefer working on your songs on your own with software etc or in the band setting? Thanks!
    What is your favorite guitar part on a Pixies song.
    My guess would be all of "Vamos," but I'd be interested to know for sure.Pixies - Vamos (Live Electric 2005) [HD]
    What's your favourite album and why?
    I just started reading the book about the legendary City Gardens venue (which I know you guys have played at) and find it fascinating how everybody seems to agree that it was a real sh*thole and yet people seem to have the fondest memories of these kinds of places Is this something you can relate to from a musician's point of view, or do you generally prefer to play at more music venues that have a more 'professional' vibe about them? Cheers, looking forward to see you guys in Holland in a couple of months!
    " more music venues that have a more..." Dang, should've proofread that
    Hello Joey, Huge fan. I was wondering; you have also composed music for film and other media - how do you find this method of composing vs a band composition? and do you have a preference? Also - for those interested in soundtracking - what advice would you give them? It's hard to pick one, but the solo in "Hey" has always been a stand out piece for me of your work - understated, cool and great fun to play. Thanks -Michael
    How do you feel the new album will compare to your previous work (stylistically, lyrically, etc.)?
    Are you thinking of finding a permanent bassist?
    First off this is awesome ug, you guys gotta do stuff like this more often... and for my question, many bands have been influenced by the pixies what newer bands have you been listening to lately and there have been many covers of your songs what are some of your favorite covers
    If you had the opportunity (like we have now) to ask one of your favourite musicians any question, who would it be and what would you ask him/her? (living, dead or anything in between)
    What's with your obsession of bass players named Kim?
    What do you consider to be your most underrated song? I guess also, what do you consider to be your most overrated song?
    How does it feel having so many young musicians siting you as an inspiration?
    Nero Galon
    What is your opinion on young peoples current indie music scene opposed to how it was in your earlier years?
    Stylistically, where do you think the new material fits in with the Pixies catalog and sound?
    Has your perception of Where Is My Mind changed since it became the anthem for every frat/jock in the country?
    How are you ?
    What album are you personally most proud of? I feel that Trompe le Monde has the most interesting guitar work of the first 4 albums.
    You're already part of alt rock history! With this in mind: 1) What's your motivation to keep playing with the Pixies? 2) Does the band have any targets? Is there something you collectively want to achieve? See you in Porto in June!
    If you could form a super group. Who would you want to be in it?
    Is there a song that, if you could, you would take out from your discography?
    A bit predictable, but I'm very curious - how do you achieve your sound, in terms of gear (amps, pedals, etc.)?
    How did you like the new Hobbit movie?
    What about eggs?
    What is the maximum airspeed of an unladen African swallow?
    Why have you remained so loyal to Gibson guitars?
    What was the inspiration for the quiet and loud formula on the classic pixies songs?
    What is the process for writing songs for the Pixies? Does Frank write up some lyrics and you all sort of jam over them until there is a song or what? Do you write words first and then the music, or vis-a-vis? What is each of your favourite instrument? Any awesome current bands that you guys know about that we should check out? How can I play guitar like Joey Santiago?
    How do you feel about returning to Glastonbury? And how do you rate it as a festival?
    Does it add pressure to you as a musician/band knowing that bands like Nirvana and Radiohead were influenced by you and your sound? Also do you feel ripped off when bands try to cop your sound, or are you excited by it?
    Do you think the band is the less without Kim Deal?
    Exactly how and when did you decide to record a full album again? Was it the plan since the beginning? Or EP1 just evolved that way?
    What would you consider your best piece of work, whether it's an entire album, song or just a riff within a song. Thanks! - Andrey M.
    Is there any song or a part of a song from the Pixies catalogue that you wanted re-record or take out?
    Smiling Alien
    What "Down to the well" song is about? And yeah Joey, why are you so f*cking underrated?
    Are they? Everyone I know who knows them loves them!
    Smiling Alien
    I mean him personally as guitarist, not Pixies as band. Those riffs from Here comes your man, Down to the well and some other songs were good.
    What is your favorite U.S. state to play a Pixies show in? Follow-up: What is the worst U.S. state to play a Pixies show in?
    What's your opinion about Radiohead?
    Is your reason of making music today, the same reason why you started doing it?
    Aryan Death Man
    Hey!been tryin' to meet you what is in your view the most overrated pixies song ?
    Would you ever, or have you ever thought about replacing guitar for another instrument? we know it has been a very important key in your sound, but without them, would Pixies be Pixies?
    cha33 armstrong
    Fuzz or distortion on where is my mind
    How come you're making an album now, 2 decades late, instead of somewhere inbetween?