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Ever wanted to ask Kim Thayil or Chris Cornell something? Now's your chance!

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We're very pleased to announce that UG will be conducting an interview with Kim Thayil and Chris Cornell of Soundgarden next week.

And since UG's always been about the community, we decided to give you guys a chance to come up with a list of questions we'll be asking grunge icons.

You can address the question to Kim, Chris or the whole band, all you need to do is post it in the comments section.

After that, it's up to the community to vote the comments up or down, we'll sum it all up and compile the final list of questions to ask the guys based on your votes.

Just a basic tip - avoid questions that can be answered with one word. Basically, it's better that the question starts with "how" than "what," but as long as it's cool and creative, it doesn't even matter.

So enough chit-chat, let's see what you got, UG!

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    "Can I join your band?"
    What would you think guys if the singer from seether replaced Kurt in Nirvana. I loved his version of Careless Whisper a lot. Not as much as this but still :
    As one of the minority (sadly) major hard rock bands today, do you guys feel pressure to do things differently (both with old and new stuff) to appeal better to current audience and keep the whole thing running?
    Chris, How was it like to share vocals on "Right Turn" (Alice Mudgarden)? Is there any chance of recording another song of the sort? Who is your favorite vocalist from the Seattle scene amongst so many talented singers that it had?
    Question for the whole band (big fan by the way): People often have you down as a combination of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and The Stooges. But what are some of your other influences?
    good, the successor of the king animal will not delay to get ready, not is chris? and the documentary? will be official?
    Also for Matt: What's it like playing for both Soundgarden and Pearl Jam?
    For the whole band: What's the best thing you've ever experienced as part of the band?
    For Chris: You have worked solo and you have done Audioslave did you find it hard to go back and do Soundgarden after?
    My question goes to Kim. Kim Thayil, first'm big fan of your work. I wonder where the inspiration for riffs Superunknown came? You heard something in particular that influenced you?
    When I listen to the opening riff of 'Limo Wreck', I always get a feel of something finally coming out of its bad phase and finally getting what it always deserved, sort of what happened to you guys after Superunknown! Is it just me or this song is a combination of incredibly positive and optimistic music with sort of negative lyrics?
    I know I keep bugging you about this and I did see you at the BigDayOut but when are you going to come back to New Zealand and play a full concert :-D You can play at my place for free :-P
    To Kim, who is the guitarrist that ifluenced the most of the way you play?? And this is my band you influenced me alot what do you think?
    Ok guys, Superunknown is one of the greatest albums ever. This is a fact. I know quite a few people, myself included, who didn't follow Soundgarden until Superunknown. According to Wikipedia, Chris made some negative comments regarding the production. If that somewhat uncomfortable process brought you to such a stellar end result....why, why, why wouldn't you do another album with the producer who obviously played a big part in the success of that album? Not taking anything away from you geniuses, but really, Superunknown was on a completely different level & like nothing you had done before.
    this would be directed to the guitarists and bassist: do you look down at the frets often when you play? did you start out by looking at them often and then getting used to the board, or do you always look at them, or never look at them?
    Chris and Kim. What is your writing process? Does the riff or the lyrics come first? BTW. Love you guys. Truly one of the greatest bands ever.
    Smiling Alien
    Chris, what do you think about collaboration with Alice in Chains/Jerry Cantrell? "In related news, Cantrell has shown interest to collaborate with Soundgarden's Chris Cornell."
    Chris and Kim, what do you guys think of the newest Seattle band Reignwolf? They're already one of my favorite bands and i've heard Ben has recorded with Jordan Cook and Matt Chamberlain. I'm sure you guys would love their music.
    chris and kim: the heaviness of the first three albums, especially badmotorfinger, was what made me love you guys so much. so my question would be, what are your feelings on making an album with the same type of sound and songs that were on the first three albums or at least making more of those types of songs mixed in with the DOTU and superunknown type songs (ex: been away too long/ non state actor on king animal)? BTW: no offense to superunknown, down on the upside, or king animal as those are albums of yours that I really love too.
    Kim. The lyrics to Room a Thousand Years Wide are great. Why don't you write more lyrics? Chris. How would I go about raising your interest in a possible collaboration?
    Do you have an Ultimate Guitar account or do you contribute tabs, if not or so, what do you think about the contributions concerning your music? btw in 94-95 I commuted 2 hours daily on a motorcycle wearing out 3 Superunknown tapes, could not have kept arriving on time for work without you…. Please come out with an acoustic album along the lines of "Cleaning my gun" please, your voice and lyrics are the "golden flee" of the core of alternative music
    I was at the Guitar Center show. Had never been to a show of yours before and was not disappointed. Was a great show. How do you guys feel about your performances this year at SXSW?
    Chris, How long do you plan on making music before you choose to retire and spend time with your family?
    Can you guys see yourselves touring for Superunknown and playing the album in full with a few other songs added to complete the set? This would be unforgettable!
    Will you, Chris, take a tour in Europe as Temple of the dog with Eddie and other guys? Next year there is 25'th anniversary of Andrew Wood's death, so it would be amazing to memorialize him.
    Chris, are you planning to push further and demonstrate your lower register more on some of the upcoming music - obviously along with your vintage high wails - like you've occasionally done on certain tracks? I really love the very warm, dark sound you have down there, like on "Beyond the Wheel", "4th of July", "Hypnotize", "The Other Side of Town", "The Keeper" or the lower harmony of "Big Dumb Sex", and think that's the side of your voice you should further explore on newer releases as it sounds just as good and strong as your upper range. I've always loved your vocal experimentation and courage to try out new things so I'm really looking forward to the possibility of this.
    Was the inspiration for the dropped tuning to compliment the lyrical content? Did one inspire the other?
    What are some albums from other artists that you guys feel have been important to you as people and musicians over the years?
    Chris and Kim, do you have particular vocal and/or guitar techniques or warm-up you use to prepare for and perform live? If so, have they changed over the years? Could you describe them? Thank you!
    What acts have served as inspiration throught the years when you guys disbanded and that influenced you for King aanimal?
    Is there any particular Soundgarden song or album that you are most proud of? How do you write such hauntingly beautiful songs such as Boot Camp and Bones of Birds?
    Hi guys, Songwriting and generally creating art has two sides to it: you are expressing something that is within you (and most probably moves you), but you may also be creating something "out of the blue" that may (or should) impress yourself and others. With your own songwriting, where do you see yourself in this spectrum? Is it different with each song? How big a role does the subconscious play for you in songwriting? Thanks, Daniel
    Kim and Chris: Is there any riff or guitar part from the band's repertoire that you particularly enjoy?
    Chris and Kim, You are older and presumably wiser than during your first go around as Soundgarden.... Has the members relationship with one another changed or is it like you never missed a beat? (I love Soundgarden!)
    Chris, which of your songs do you consider the all-time hardest for you to sing? Why?
    I feel like I read somewhere he said The Day I Tried to Live but I'd like to know that one as well. I think Beyond The Wheel would be the hardest.
    Do you think Thorin Oakenshield was right to keep the treasure for himself or share it with the men of laketown?
    Can you guys see yourselves touring for Superunknown and playing the album in full with a few other songs added to complete the set? This would be unforgettable
    Is there any chance in the future we could see a Soundgarden/Audioslave collaboration or tour?
    My favorite Soundgarden material is the Terry Date stuff. Would you, could you do another album with him producing?