Coming Soon: Ultimate Guitar Store

UG is launching a brand new service this month to bring you huge deals on guitars and gear every single day.

Ultimate Guitar

We've got something completely new coming up, and wanted to give you a heads up to hear what you think.

Ultimate Guitar has been running since 1998, and since then we've grown into being the biggest guitar community on the planet. It's always been about providing you with great content, be it tabs, news, features or even apps.

Now it's time to shake things up with something completely different, and we think you'll love it.

Ultimate Guitar is launching a brand new service this month called Ultimate Guitar Store to bring you huge deals on guitars and gear every single day with its Deal of the Day franchise. When we say huge, we mean up to 70% off some seriously killer equipment.

How does it work? Register your email at (or in the signup box below) and, once the store is launched, you'll be getting two deals every day - one guitar, the other is a piece of gear which could be amps, effects, or anything else guitarists love.

There's only one catch - each deal lasts for one day only. But that's what makes it so cool - you know you're getting an exclusive, and that even more great guitar goodies will be available the next day too.

Here's a summary again:

  • Ultra-rare discounts on awesome equipment
  • Save up to 70%
  • Two new deals every day
  • Launches in October

    Sign up here if you're interested. It's easy to unsubscribe if you change your mind (but seriously, we have some really sweet kit lined up):

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    If you have any questions, let us know send your feedback at This is a big step for us and we really appreciate your support, so thanks!

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      When they say 70%, they mean 70% off list, which is something you never pay.
      But usually retail price is around 70-80% of the MSRP. So it's still a better price than a standard online store.
      Never said it wasn't. Just saying that the 70% they are saying isn't really 70%. It is 70% off a price higher then any prices that anyone would ever see. Basically, I'm saying they are being disingenuous.
      Is the available for people who live in England?
      Ryan Withers
      Why would you be disappointed with something you haven't seen yet? Your stupid
      Culler Amps
      You may call it stupid, but its common sense really. UG isn't about to lose money by selling us gear at half the actual price. Any business would go in the hole very quickly with that method.....
      Culler Amps
      No thanks. Musicians Friend and other sites always claim huge % off as well, but only because the MSRP is so jacked. Nothing but a gimmick, and more spam for your email. I'm disappointed UG.....
      Can you make it so one can sell their used gear too? instead of having to go through ebay and graigslist
      This seems like it could be pretty cool, sort of like the Amazon flash sales. I hope the logistics of it run smoothly. I'm not sure I have too much confidence in UG's ability to take and ship orders around
      im gonna wait till i see the retail page before i say anything, but im sure it'll be something of a Musicians Friend type of deal
      sooooo is it only going to be off brands that suck from a foreign country?