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Megadeth have offered UG readers a pair of exclusive tickets to a date on their forthcoming North American tour.

The winner will receive two tickets so they can take a friend, and attend a date of their choice from the tour (see participating venues/dates below).

It's easy to enter the competition. All you have to do is like Megadeth on Facebook and answer the following question in the comments just below this article:

What is your most memorable Megadeth experience?

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The tour kicks off on November 9 in Providence, RI, and ends on December 8 in Tempe, AZ. See full dates/venues list below or at Megadeth official website.

Megadeth "Countdown To Extinction 20th Anniversary Tour" dates:

11/09 - Providence, RI - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel 11/10 - Huntington, NY - Paramount Theatre 11/11 - Worcester, MA - The Palladium 11/13 - Wallingford, CT - Oakdale Theatre 11/14 - Sayreville, NJ - Starland Ballroom 11/16 - Atlantic City, NJ - House Of Blues 11/17 - Niagara Falls, NY - Rapids Theatre 11/19 - Stroudsberg, PA - Sherman Theater 11/20 - Columbus, OH - LC Pavilion 11/24 - Myrtle Beach, SC - House Of Blues 11/25 - Charlotte, NC - Fillmore 11/26 - Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle 11/28 - Kansas City, MO - Midland Theatre 12/01 - Salt Lake City, UT - Great Saltair 12/02 - Boise, ID - Knitting Factory 12/04 - Reno, NV - Grand Sierra Theatre 12/06 - Las Vegas, NV - House Of Blues 12/07 - Pomona, CA - Fox Theatre 12/08 - Tempe, AZ - Marquee Theatre

The deadline for entries is this Thursday, November 8 at 12pm PDT. Entrants must be a US resident aged 13 years or older, and registered to Ultimate Guitar (see official rules here).

If the winner of the gold medal does not fit these criteria, we'll look for the next person with the highest number of upvotes who does. If you win, we'll let you know by email.

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    At Mayhem Festival 2011 last year, my girlfriend and I had gotten tickets a while in advance, purely to see Megadeth, (Godsmack, Disturbed etc are ok but we were there for Megadeth for sure). However days before the show my girl lost her job, and her dog, and things were not looking good for her to stay in her house. So she was utterly beaten and depressed, but alas, we went to the show anyway in hopes to get some needed reprieve. We were standing in line to get a poster signed by Broderick and Shawn Drover, when suddenly the tour manager pulls us aside. He starts asking weird questions and has me thinking we have done something to get in huge trouble and send our situation spiraling even further downward. BUT his last question is "What is your favorite Megadeth song?" She answered him with "Holy Wars" and he takes her under their tent. I wasn't allowed to hear what was said but her face lit up like I hadn't seen in quite awhile. I come to find out that we won the contest where one of us goes on stage with the band after they play "Symphony of Destruction" and Dave gives us a guitar! This also allowed us to go backstage to meet the band and get pit passes as opposed to sitting on the lawn waaayyyy back like our tickets were for. So after that song my girlfriend got to go on stage and get the guitar (and a sweaty hug) from Dave! Long story short, the show was electric, she won a guitar, and I ended up proposing and to this day that guitar is my wife's prized possession! She didn't get her job or doggy back but hey this was a once in a lifetime experience! tl;dr My girlfriend went on stage during Symphony of destruction and got the guitar off Dave's back and we met the band backstage. I then proposed and we live happily ever after
    Something a little fishy here when this is the only post that didnt get downvoted. UG better get this foul play figured out.
    Dude hope you win it I've had all my friends make an account to try to compete with you, but I have no issue paying to see a band I love. Who knows maybe I can get a cool story like yours.
    Bought my tickets going to the show with my singer before he moves to Florida. Let me know how your show goes
    My most memorable experience was going to the big four concert in Indio. I was front row for general admission and Megadeth came on stage. The crowd surged forward and I ended up acquiring contusions on my ribs. I fought through the pain untill I heard "In My Darkest Hour" and then had the guard pull me out of the madness. I went to go see them again in San Benardino for Mayhem fest, but they were still doing their European Big 4 tour. So now that they are coming to Las Vegas, you can bet I will do whatever it takes to see Megadeth again.
    I remember my brother read Dave's autobiography and it totally changed his outlook on music. He was indifferent toward becoming a better musician but after he read it he totally changed. He wanted to become a better drummer(lol right) and practiced non stop! I knew who Mustaine was so I gave his book a read and something clicked in me. My brother and I started practicing all the time and became a lot better. Not only did we practice all the time our relationship grew a lot, now we are best friends. As weird as it sounds sometimes my brother and I will talk about stories from the autobiography like we were there when it happened! Whenever I hear a Megadeth a giant smile comes across my face because their music has changed my life for the better. Thanks Dave.
    No bull, it is hearing Megadeth for the first time in my early teens. I stumbled upon their music video for "Holy Wars" on youtube and to be honest, I didn't really like the music or band itsel1f at first. They just seemed so "evil" and it legitimately scared me lol Anyways, many years later and here I am trying to win tickets for one of my favorite bands.
    I'm only replying to this comment so that my message appears near the top, but this needs to be said: Anyone who downvotes anyone else's post on this article is an *******. Obviously, if someone posts something completely irrelevant, or just makes a stupid joke entry, they can be downvoted. But don't be a douche and downvote someone's legitimate contest entry. Seriously, guys.
    I really don't think that comment is going to stop anything
    When i was seven years old I played a game called flatout 2 on my xbox box and it had symphony of destruction on the game and that song right there changed my life because it got me into guitar playing and heavy metal and I love megadeth its helped me threw my whole life, when i was raped in 2010 i had nobody to go to but i would just put that song on and it was like i went into a better world, I went threw so much crap and almost committed suicide but its amazing how this band made such a huge impact on me and its changed me. I would love to see megadeth i am 14 and ever since i was seven i have dreamed to see megadeth and i hope i do. and i am commenting on this because you have no idea how much this would mean to me if i won.
    When I was about 17 or so, I was a HUGE Metallica fan. Metallica was the reason I picked up my guitar in the first place as it is for a lot of people. Anyway I was one of your typical run of the mill Metallica fans who would not consider listening to Megadeth because I was a stupid teenager that wouldn't give it a shot. Oh but when my buddy played me both Wake Up Dead and Looking Down the Cross all I could think was, "What the hell was I thinking?". Ever since, I would attribute Megadeth as my biggest striving factor to get better at guitar. Metallica got me into it, Megadeth kept me going. It's a great Yin and Yang.
    You know what, I'm upvoting you too because I think alot of people started out with Metallica saying f*ck Megadeth untill they realize how much better Megadeth is compared to Metallica
    link no1
    "untill they realize how much better Megadeth is compared to Metallica" You seem to be getting opinion mixed up with fact.
    3 giant security guards assaulted me at a meet and greet with Megadeth, right in front of Dave Mustaine, before a Gigantour show in Cincinnati Ohio back in 2005. Megadeth were signing only albums that you bought at the show but I had taken my Peace Sells album and asked him if he'd sign it. Instead of even saying yes or know, he nodded to security and they immediately grabbed my arms and tried to restrain me and began pushing me until I lost my balance and fell into a fence and cut the **** out of my hand. Mr. Christian do right had me practically beaten up for asking to sign Peace Sells. Oh, and did I mention I was only 15 years old? What a nice guy Mustaine is.
    You know what would be the best memory? Is if my band could get a hold of the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas and open up for Megadeth at that show especially since Dave Mustaine is my idol I have owned two of his signature series guitars and base my bands sound on old school Megadeth. Even if you downvote us take a peek and see if you would agree that wouldn't be f*cking (sic)
    My most memorable Megadeth experience was the summer of 2011. I had just graduated high school and I was going through a terrible patch of isolation. Family life was worse. I bought "Mustaine" and I constantly read and reread it to the point of memorization. That book really helped me escape into Dave's life because I easily related to him - like when he lived by himself in various apartments, having only his guitar. Seeing him rise to where he now is gave me energy and hope for myself.
    When I was in high school I was working for the school newspaper writing music reviews and playing bass guitar in my spare time. One day while searching for some bass stuff I came across David Ellefson's website, which had a contact email. So I figured what the hell and asked him if he would do an interview with me. He said yes right away! It was a great article to do and awesome to have such an awesome guy take the time to answer my questions!
    My buddy Barett went into Boston to go to Dave Mustaines book signing when his biography came out. Now Barett is one of my nicest friends so he bought a 4 or 5 copies to give as gifts to his employees. Dave gave him a look like Sweet, these are all going on eBay and then Barett explained to him that they were gifts as a thanks to his employees for their hard work. That night Barett was already going to one of those prepartys you pay extra for like a meet and greet type thing in Lowell because Megadeth was on their Rust in Peace anniversary tour. Dave tried giving him a free pass to the Meet and Greet but since Barett already had one he was given a second one. Thats where I come in. Barett called me at work all pumped about it and told me to get my ass out of work and get to Lowell in a half hour. I legit had to ask my boss if I could leave 2 hours early and surprisingly enough he said yes. So we get to the Tsongas Areana and the woman asks for our passes. There was supposed to be a PR person there to give me my pass but they couldnt find the woman. At this point I am a little bit irritated because I left work 2 hours early and I really couldnt afford to do that. We are standing at Will Cal waiting and the guy there put one of the passes over Baretts neck. Then he puts one on my neck not knowing I didnt have a pass. I give Barett a shut your mouth look and the group starts heading to the green room. Sweet I successfully snuck backstage at a Megadeth show. We had to wait for Megadeth for about 20 mins which was fine especially since they had free beer. I pound back a bunch of them because well, theyre free and I figured why not get hammered of Megadeths tab? I realize I am the only one drinking and I get hammered and meet Megadeth to take a picture. I wish I could post it here because its Barett standing with Megadeth with one of Daves signature guitars and Im in the front with my eyes glazed over, a beer in one hand and a signed copy of Rust in Peace being held upside down. I leave to take a leak and on my way back one of the guards asks for my ticket. I figured I am screwed but before I could tell him its in the room he starts yelling at the other security guard for not checking my ticket before I left. Close one but not home free. We are watching Triviums sound check and because of me the guards start checking everyones ticket. Once again, a realization that I am screwed. There was probably about 40 of us there so when security was coming my way I nonchalantly squeeze threw the crowd and blend in with the people who have already been checked. Finally we get to our seats and the show starts and I am home free! That is how I snuck into Megadeths show, got drunk off their tab, survived the security guards twice, and had the best concert story of my life!
    Great F*cking Story bro!
    Thanks man. Yeah it was really cool of Dave to have his PR person give him an extra pass. I just wish I had it when I got there but I was not leaving without seeing Megadeth. That was my first time ever seeing them.
    Diony x
    My most memorable Megadeth experiences are Dave Mustaine headlines in UG
    My most memorable Megadeth experience was when I sixteen years old. I was a sophmore and decided to wear my Megadeth shirt on the first day of school. I was walking down the hall to my first class ands ure enough, some douchebag had to comment on my shirt, telling me that Megadeth sucked (Which he happened to be wearing a Nickelback shirt. How ironic). I tried my best to ignore this prep dipshit, but kept waring on my nerves. I finally turned around, grabbed the ****er, and slammed his head into my locker. I ended up serving a week of suspension on the first day of school. I remember being picked up by my mom after the principal sent me home. While she was bitching at me during the car ride, "Tornado of Souls" came on the radio. I've never forgotten that day.
    Lol nobody's gonna upvote anybody :p my favorite Megadeth memory was when they tried to make a contest on UG!
    I upvoted every single comment with downvotes a few hours ago, but now they're all negative again
    Did anybody notice that the person that won had a rediculous amount of upvotes compared to the massive amount of downvotes? I call foul play to the extreme
    I had just turned 10 years old in 1992. I was staying at my grandmother's house for the summer and my uncle was blaring this incredibly loud (and what i thought was evil) music through the house. Being so young I was into whatever pop crap was playing on the radio at the time. At first I hated the noise coming from his room. I would yell at the top of my lungs for him to turn it off. Everyday for the length of the summer, the same snarly voice and growling guitars would pierce my ears and drive me insane. Little did I know that the music was infecting me and slowly destoying my childlike pop sensibilities. At the end of my summer vacation, faced with having to go home, i found myself suprisingly upset that I would no longer be forced to listen to that blaring music. So I snuck into my uncle's room to see for myself just what it was and next to the stereo I found it. Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction. The picture on the front scared me a little, but the picture on the back of Vic Rattlehead scared me more. Suddenly my uncle burst into the room yelling at me. WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM? I just wanted to know what this was. He laughed. Then I asked him if he could copy it for me on a cassette tape. He was shocked. But you're only 10. You're too young for Heavy Metal! I pleaded with him "But I love Symphony of Destruction!" He smiled. Its been 20 years since that summer and Coundown is still my favorite metal album. And I still have the cassette my uncle copied for me.
    Most memorable moment: December 3rd, 2009. Saw Megadeth in Oklahoma City on the Endgame tour with Machine Head, Suicide Silence, and some no-name band, Arcanium. Also had Meet & Greet passes as well. Met them backstage before the entire show started, got my best friends concert ticket signed by Shawn Drover and Chris Broderick, and got a copy of Endgame signed for my Mom, and after mentioning to Dave that he was my Mom's second favorite red-head (behind me) gave me a hug and then got a picture with the band. Yeah, it was pretty epic.
    seeing them play rust in peace in its entirety with slayer and anthrax great concert
    Going to their Rust in Peace reunion tour and being so jammed in the crowd I couldn't even move my hands. Everybody knew how every song went and it just made the experience so much better.
    The Ill William
    Most memorable Megadeth memory probably has to be when I squatted 300 lbs (repping) to the "Take No Prisoners." Sounds kind of corny, but true story. I had been trying to reach that squat amount for about a month now, and for some reason I just wasn't motivated enough. I was still stuck at like 1 rep each time I tried. Suddenly, I hear "Take No Prisoners," (which is probably my favorite Megadeth song) and I just lost it. I was so god damn pumped, I hopped under the squat bar, and busted out those reps out of the sheer energy from the song. I know it sounds like a lame story, but it really is honestly not only my best Megadeth experience, but one of the best experience in all of my 16 years of life. So thanks Dave for pissing me off into reaching one of my goals(and learning holy wars pissed me off a bit too)!
    My most memorable Megadeth experience was first listening to them when I was a little kid and picking up a guitar to learn a couple of their songs even though I had a condition that paralyzed me and I'm still recovering. Now to this date I can play guitar even though my fingers haven't fully recovered, I make the best of it.
    All of them, Megadeth is too awesome to break down into only 1 memorable moment!
    Going to my first Megadeth concert. As soon as they kicked into Never Dead, the mosh pit started right in front of me. The guy in front of me fell over and sent a fountain of beer flying into the air. Needless to say, that concert was amazing.
    from the moment of getting the to the overly packed freeway exit to getting into the venue the Big 4 show in indio was one of my best concert/Megadeth memories it was just the most surreal experience seeing one of my biggest influences and favorite bands on stage with the other founders of our genre. When you and 77,000 people are singing along with the band is just an amazing, musically historical, and wonderful experience
    You know I was at that concert so I understand how you feel. Suffered rib contusions trying to watch Megadeth. I think this is bullsh*t how everyone is downvoting everyone just so their chances are better. Knowing that feeling you're talking about I'm upvoting you and wishing you luck man
    ya i almost passed out at the show but i had to get through it haha ... ya its messed up but it is what it is the true fans will play the game fairly ... thanks and good luck to you too man
    I know its late but my most memorable moment was meeting Dave Ellefson in AZ. It was in 2010 i was 13 and went to a music shop called Naked Daves right by a locl music venue where Anthrax was going to play he answered some questions and signed my So what album!!
    Well my great experience with Megadeth started when i first heard the song In My Darkest Hour though my tv on Decline of Western Civilization Pt. 2. To this day it still is my favorite song by them. And then from a great opportunity, I got to go to the Mayhem Festival of 2011 in North Carolina, it was the greatest experience I have ever had with heavy metal music. Then as a senior at my highschool, I had to write my final paper and so my topic was about the history of the Big 4. I learned so much about Megadeth and the the others that i never knew before and Im glad I worked hard it. It is the best paper i have ever written and I was proud to let that side of me come out on paper.
    Well... I first started to listen to Metallica because of my brothers, and therefore, didn't care for Megadeth (Ignorance... and Innocence.. OVERKILL) because of the usual argument from people.. But then, my friend and I were scrolling through Youtube, and we just happened to see Holy Wars. My friend says, oh hey click on it, they sound awesome. I do, and oh wow.. I start to get into them even more. I bought Rust in Peace as my first Megadeth album, and that was it.. I got hooked on them. After a month or two, we see that they're playing a show not too far from where we live. I was so amazed.. This concert was by far the best (and first). I only wished that we could have met them.. That would have been the best night ever.
    I would have to say the most memorable moment was meeting 3/4 band members at Mayhem and actually getting to talk musical ideas with Ellefson and Broderick (No not making music with them, but actual ideas and what they thought). Hangar 18 was the highlight of the night though with the reception the crowd gave to it, which I didn't even expect from them
    During the Gigantour in NYC they started playing Hanger 18 and I was in the front row... I felt a sudden push and someone lifted me off my feet, For a second I thought I was going to crowd surf, then somehow I did a back flip and landed on my ribs on the barricade, Chris Broderick just stared at me like "Are you ok?" I just kept head banging and had a hell of a time, I realized I had a cracked rib a week later.
    Seeing first Shawn walk out and start the drumming to Trust, then Ellefson run out there and start doing the sick bassline, while Chris emerges from the other side to start the lead in for Dave to strut out with the main riff and set off the first time and only time I've got to see them live.
    my new favorite megadeth memory is trying to win this contest so i can take the girl i have fallen in love with to the anniversary tour to her favorite album, neither of us can afford the tickets and the smile on her face would give me the best feeling in the world, please people let me have that feeling
    We had an old electric guitar lying around the house, and i would pick it up and kind of try to play something. I always got frustrated and just put it away. Then drifting more into the metal genre i came across the track "Of Mice and men", for some reason the riffs in that song became an obsession for me. I spent months playing the same licks over and over until I started sounding somewhat like the track. It was my gateway into playing guitar, not to mention Megadeth was the first real Metal band i listened to. Megadeth to me is kind of like a gateway drug.
    My most memorable Megadeth experience was seeing them play at Nassau Coliseum about 2 years ago with my girlfriend, we both love Megadeth and it was our first time seeing them perform live. So it was nice being able to share that experience with her. I hope we can go see another Megadeth concert together soon.
    I'm listening to Hangar 18 on my Laptop, and it's during one of Marty's solos. My grandfather walks in to the room and asks, "What is that? Is that music?" "Yep" "And you actually like that?" "Yep" *shakes his head* "I'm going to go lay down now."
    I was in a rock n roll history class, and a lot of "gangstas" at my school decided it was a easy class to take. So the teacher opened youtube and let people play songs of there choice and talk about the music. Needless to say all we heard was rap. So I thought playing Sweating Bullets would appropriate. This hardcore gangsta that could bust a cap in you ass ran out crying. The teacher tried to console him but he just ran back in ranting about how this was devils music and we needed Jesus.
    Saw them during the Rust In Peace 20th Anniversary Tour. One of my all time favorite albums, and during Lucretia, Mustaine tossed a pick into the crowd. So of course because it was coming in my direction I tossed myself into the swarm. Ended up on top of the chaos with outstretched arms...then I was flat on my ass. Realizing at this point I had caught that baby between my ring and middle finger. Pure dumb luck! Afterwords when both Dave's were taking photos and signing shit I said " Thanks for the pick Dave " forgetting Jr. also plays with a pick. They both looked at me a little confused and all I could think to do was throw up the horns. End.
    Well mine would not be here yet.....but mine will be when he takes place as the president.
    Vote for Mustaine/Ellefson 2016
    Idk why I tried to do this contest lol I've already got a pair. I just got bored lol... Well good luck from what I'm seeing ur in the lead at the moment
    My best memory was seeing them for the first time for the 20th anniversary of Rust in Peace. March 26,2010. The only reason I remember the date is that is my moms birthday. That's right I blew off my own mothers birthday dinner to see Megadeth. Dick move? Nah she was cool with it and I made it up to her the next day. So I got to see a bitchin show and have a memory of belting out Holy Wars with everyone around me.