Friday Fun: 7 Most Annoying People At Concerts

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Friday Fun: 7 Most Annoying People At Concerts
Live music is one of life's greatest joys.

It's how music was intended to be experienced. When a band nails a live performance, with the bass rustling through you and the bright lights leaving you dazzled, it can be a life-changing event.

But that's not how it always plays out. No matter how good the music is, some members of the audience sadly have the power to drag things down for others.

Sometimes they're not a bad person, and sometimes they're actively looking to be a douche. Either way, here's our rundown of the most annoying people at concerts.

Smartphone owners

Most people seem to be rocking a smartphone these days. That's fine, but seriously: if you think it's more fun to watch the band on your tiny phone screen than on the stage, you should some money by just watching the footage on YouTube at home. And besides, has anyone actually watched this footage back afterwards?

It's nearly as bad to be checking Twitter during the whole show. It's a shame, because the song playing out in front of you will never be quite the same again. Wake up, bro.

The person who sings EVERY song

Okay dude, we get it: you're a superfan. You know every lyric. Great. We'd rather you went to the front with the other superfans where it's okay to sing together. Back here by the bar, it's not so cool.

The tall guy

We have some sympathy for the tall guy. It's not his fault, but unfortunately the ill-effects of his good stature still merit a place on this list.

The rules are simple: stand at the back or to the sides wherever possible. It's tough when you love the band and want to move to the front, but that's how it is.


There are several valid reasons for moving towards the front during the show. You might be short, and that's fine. You might have friends at the front, and concerts are more fun with friends, so that's fine too.

The problem is when superfans shove everyone else on their way forward like they're a first-class citizen.

Look bro, you're welcome to make your way forward, but do it with some tact or me and the rest of the audience are gonna start pushing you to the back.

People who shout song requests (for the wrong band)

Calling out requests is lame, but it's worse when someone tries to be a comedian and ask for songs by the wrong band. This hasn't been funny since before most of us were born, and yet it still happens. It's time to stop.

The guy who tries to be king of the mosh pit

You're either a mosher or you're not. If you stay in your circle, that's fine. But the most unpleasant person at a concert is the meathead who tries to be king of the moshpit.

He's actively looking to hurt people, but can only impress himself. Even when you ignore the blatant violence, it's just plain selfish to try and impress yourself like that.

It's okay, because when you see this guy, you know this guy has the smallest c--k in the whole room.

That Drunk Guy

Everyone has a friend who is "that drunk guy" at shows. If you don't have one, it's you.

The drunk guy is annoying for his unpredictability. You have to keep half your attention on him just to make sure something won't spill on you, and that's just a pain when you're trying to enjoy the show. He can quickly morph into one of the other categories on this post: the shouter, the pusher, the singer... he's a shapeshifter. Beware the drunk guy.

What annoys you at rock concerts? Share your stories in the comments - we have a feeling the medal-winning tale will be hilarious.
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