Friday Fun: 7 Most Annoying People At Concerts

Everyone knows a loser like those listed here. If not, you're probably one of them.

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Live music is one of life's greatest joys.

It's how music was intended to be experienced. When a band nails a live performance, with the bass rustling through you and the bright lights leaving you dazzled, it can be a life-changing event.

But that's not how it always plays out. No matter how good the music is, some members of the audience sadly have the power to drag things down for others.

Sometimes they're not a bad person, and sometimes they're actively looking to be a douche. Either way, here's our rundown of the most annoying people at concerts.

Smartphone owners

Most people seem to be rocking a smartphone these days. That's fine, but seriously: if you think it's more fun to watch the band on your tiny phone screen than on the stage, you should some money by just watching the footage on YouTube at home. And besides, has anyone actually watched this footage back afterwards?

It's nearly as bad to be checking Twitter during the whole show. It's a shame, because the song playing out in front of you will never be quite the same again. Wake up, bro.

The person who sings EVERY song

Okay dude, we get it: you're a superfan. You know every lyric. Great. We'd rather you went to the front with the other superfans where it's okay to sing together. Back here by the bar, it's not so cool.

The tall guy

We have some sympathy for the tall guy. It's not his fault, but unfortunately the ill-effects of his good stature still merit a place on this list.

The rules are simple: stand at the back or to the sides wherever possible. It's tough when you love the band and want to move to the front, but that's how it is.


There are several valid reasons for moving towards the front during the show. You might be short, and that's fine. You might have friends at the front, and concerts are more fun with friends, so that's fine too.

The problem is when superfans shove everyone else on their way forward like they're a first-class citizen.

Look bro, you're welcome to make your way forward, but do it with some tact or me and the rest of the audience are gonna start pushing you to the back.

People who shout song requests (for the wrong band)

Calling out requests is lame, but it's worse when someone tries to be a comedian and ask for songs by the wrong band. This hasn't been funny since before most of us were born, and yet it still happens. It's time to stop.

The guy who tries to be king of the mosh pit

You're either a mosher or you're not. If you stay in your circle, that's fine. But the most unpleasant person at a concert is the meathead who tries to be king of the moshpit.

He's actively looking to hurt people, but can only impress himself. Even when you ignore the blatant violence, it's just plain selfish to try and impress yourself like that.

It's okay, because when you see this guy, you know this guy has the smallest c--k in the whole room.

That Drunk Guy

Everyone has a friend who is "that drunk guy" at shows. If you don't have one, it's you.

The drunk guy is annoying for his unpredictability. You have to keep half your attention on him just to make sure something won't spill on you, and that's just a pain when you're trying to enjoy the show. He can quickly morph into one of the other categories on this post: the shouter, the pusher, the singer... he's a shapeshifter. Beware the drunk guy.

What annoys you at rock concerts? Share your stories in the comments - we have a feeling the medal-winning tale will be hilarious.

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    Dammit... I'm like 3 of these, please excuse me while I go rethink my life
    Me too, though with age I'm only the 2nd one. I don't realize I do it til afterwards when I'm told...
    You forgot The Robert Paulson: This guy has b*tch tits and likes to show them off. Most commonly he is found shirtless in the moshpit sweating enought to fill a dry lake Eerie to flood levels. No one wants to get lost in the sweat, b*tch tits and the hair that has a better targeting system than a hellfire missle, this hair has one purpose in life: to scrape across your face dousing you in sweat so that it sticks to your face and makes you look like a wookie. This guy is the "agents" of the moshpit so channel your inner Neo and avoid him at all cost.
    That guy that screams "FREE BIRD!" no matter what concert it is. Will people ever stop doing that?
    Here in Finland it's "soittakaa Paranoid!" (=play paranoid) the funny thing is that every finnish band knows someone's gonna shout it, so everyone has practiced a version of paranoid. Our band has a grindcore version, the whole song is over in a minute. also, you can't play paranoid if no one tells you to!
    what about the guy who blows pot smoke in everyone's faces for five freaking hours at Austin city limits. I really hate that guy
    don't hate just cause you dont participate. we all did this in our younger days. just be glad they're not tripping balls and on the edge of freaking the f*** out
    When I saw Killing Joke last year, I stood just behind the pit - out of harm's way - and this guy next to me looked like he was waiting for a bus, calm as ****, then lit up. Lord, those fumes 'enhanced' the gig tenfold
    Can't help but think of the Nirvana Unplugged show when some retard shouted "FREE BIRD!" at a quiet moment between songs. Kurt just glared at him and said "I was waiting for that to happen"
    The sound guy at one of the bars my band plays at does this to every band that takes the stage. So annoying the first few times now I just kind of laugh it off. Here's an idea though insteade of screaming "Free Bird" try screaming "Raining Men" see what happens.
    Had a similar situation. We just added Free Bird to our set, so when he shouted "Free Bird!" we played Free Bird.
    There is always that one person who screams Free Bird at a concert. When you think it's not gonna happen, it does.
    ive been to mutiple metallica and megadeth concerts ive only heard someone yell free bird once and im pretty sure it was his last time
    I've actually never experienced this, not once... Is something amiss in the Saint Louis area?
    Whoever wrote this article is lame as shit and too worried about what other people are doing to have fun. Who gives a **** if someone yells out freebird? Who cares if people are drunk. And who the **** gives a **** about people moshing in the mosh pit. If someones a dick theyre going to get hit, simple as that. Whoever wrote this article has never been to a good metal show
    I've never heard somebody scream 'free bird' at any concert i've ever been to. Of course, at one point during a band rehearsal a few drunk friends we invited over shouted it after almost every single song we played.
    I always shout "Stairway To Heaven!" at support bands... because I'm weird. Kinda like when somebody asks "Any questions?", I always feel compelled to ask "when's lunch?"
    Are you from England?
    No. Are you?
    I am. i shouted "fade to black when chilli peppers asked "what do you guys think is the best song ever" (expecting californication etc.) I really didnt expect the crowd to cheer me
    im always compelled to ask 'where do babies come from?' when posed with the 'any questions?' i feel your pain... lol
    They missed the annoying girlfriend that doesn't like the band but tags along with her boyfriend and makes it to the front of the barrier and then gets pissed at the person next to her when the crowd moves because she somehow thinks he can control the flow of the crowd.
    How about the over protective boyfriend clinging onto her and punching everyone else that comes close? COUPLES; TO THE BACK WITH YOU!
    Holy ****, I agree. Why go to the front if you really don't want people bumping into you and stuff?
    I'm soooo glad my girlfriend actually gets in the pit with me
    I've seen girls with F***ING SANDALS at an Alice in Chains concert and they were trying be get up front while complaining about people moving.
    Man, this so much.If you're at the front then you get squashed and pushed from behind. If you don't like that, then you shouldn't be at the front. Alot of girlfriends need to learn this fact.
    I'm probably the guy who sings every song, although in my defence I am usually at the front (because I'm short), not pissing people off at the bar. I wouldn't sing at the bar, that's kinda weird...
    i sing the songs if i know them, but the concerts i go to, usually everyone else does.
    People who start mosh pits at a not metal're 30 years old and I don't want to touch you.
    i hate when i go to a show and the 40 year old drunk man tries to mosh, spills his beer everywhere (and usually on someone) and proceeds to make an ass out of himself. its funny for a bit. and then plain annoying
    Its not funny,not even for a bit.I can always see it coming too.Guy walks into the pit with a full beer 30 seconds before the band comes on.1 minute later,everyone has his beer on their shirt.
    The King of the mosh pita does this: Before every Wall of Death, he stands in the middle because he likes being looked at by everyone
    Unfortunatley, i'm the "tall guy" thats always in the front. I can't help it though - if your girl wants to get to the front and shes being a royal bitch about it and ruining the show by complaining, then you have to do what you have to do lol. I've almost got into some brutal fights at many concerts - MEtallica, Korn, Marilyn Manson, etc.. oh well, though..
    I'm not the tall guy (I think I'm right at average height), but I don't think the tall guy belongs on this list. It's not that annoying because we can always move and in my opinion you you shouldn't have to sacrifice your concert experience just because you are taller. Plus tall guys are helpful for crowdsurfing (assuming it's an appropriate place to do so). I wanted up while standing next to a really tall guy at a super-packed Coheed and Cambria concert. I asked him for help and he happily just picked me up and chucked me.
    Floyd Phoenix
    I'm the tall guy, but also the super fan... This article confused where I'm supposed to be...
    6'1 and I could give a **** less. I paid for the show same as you and I'll watch from where I want. can't see from your spot? find another one or push me out of mine.
    Yes i know how that feels bro being 6'1" and all... and what annoys me the most are big fat sweaty guys. WHen you people are at concerts you are annoying and gross. ANd free bird! I too am that guy...
    I'm 6'6" & I've never heard of this problem :/
    I'm a tall guy myself, and whenever I get to a concert I always make sure I'm there a few hours before the gates/doors open just so I know I'm getting a good spot, Don't ****in tell me that I have to watch the concert from the shit seats at the side because of something I can't help, that's discrimination. And what's the deal with people who show up as the headlining act hit the stage and then decide to show their way to the front, causing that swaying sea of people crushing the concert-goers who actually earned their spot. I once seen a guy almost punch an old lady out at a concert because she wouldn't let him take her spot.