Friday Fun: Alternative Top 10 Rock Guitarists

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Friday Fun: Alternative Top 10 Rock Guitarists
On Wednesday we asked for your votes for the top 10 rock guitarists of all time. Of course, some of you love pulling pranks, and a bunch of ridiculous votes made it to the top 10. We didn't want to put them in the official top 10 greatest rock guitarists post, but some of them were too funny to ignore. Now we're publishing your top 10 ridiculous rock guitarists here so your creative talents don't go to waste. And while some entries are just crazy (Lil Wayne? Ridiculous indeed), some are just awesome. Enjoy!

10. Bill & Ted

The so-called Wyld Stallyns eventually use rock to save humanity and build a utopian society through their inspirational rock songs. But not before having to time travel and ensure they're not separated by Ted's dad who wants to send him to military academy, as documented in the classic movie. Excellent!

9. Ke$ha

This pop princess thought she would resurrect rock with her new album (not that it needed saving), but she's got just enough rock attitude to convince UG readers to vote her into your top 10 today.

8. Justin Bieber

He's a floppy haired gimp to most of us, but you've got to give him credit for taking his songs to the street and busking like other hard-working musicians out there.

7. Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is the only man who can make real music using air guitar. He's also a dab hand at Guitar Hero, as you can see in this video:

6. Skrillex

Spin magazine once made the barmy decision to rank this dubstep-defining DJ as one of the greatest guitarists ever. Now you crazy UG readers have voted him into this top 10. Sigh! Here he is playing guitar at a Korn show. It sounds awful, which may or may not be the cellphone's recording quality.

5. Fred Durst

The seemingly dim-witted frontman occasionally picks up a guitar for the live Limp Bizkit shows. Is he any good? We'll let you decide.

4. Marty McFly

Another time-traveling legend, this time in the form of "Back To The Future"'s Marty McFly. In this scene, he plays a Chuck Berry classic and changes the course of music history. Before crashing and burning, live on stage. We've all been there.

3. Me!

Not me, the author. I mean me, as in you, the narcissistic readers who voted themselves as the greatest guitarist of all time. Positive thinking is a powerful thing, but arrogance gets you nowhere buddy!

2. Lil Wayne

You know in "Ghostbusters" where they have this rule that the streams from their ghost guns can't cross? Well, the same is true for rock and rap.

1. Skwisgaar Skwigelf from Dethklok

Yes! Your votes are back on form, because Skwigelf is surely the greatest fictional guitarist of all time. But hang on... there's got to be a real person behind that cartoon, right? Who the hell is it? Let your speculation run wild in the comments!
That's the end of our alternative top 10 rock guitarists of all time post! If you can think of any more, let us know in the comments and remember to check out your official Top 10 rock guitarists of all time too!
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