Friday Fun: Balalaika Tabs

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Friday Fun: Balalaika Tabs
Unbelievable! Twelve years of study and research, millions of dollars spent, 25,000 computers exploded and 17 programmers gone insane - we've finally made it! UG is absolutely proud to present you a mind-blowing revolutionary app - Ultimate Balalaika Inspired Tabs, Chords and Holograms (aka U.B.I.T.C.H.) What does it mean? Ultimate Balalaika Tabs provides you with a wide variety of popular songs' tabs arranged exclusively for this fine instrument. Always wanted to learn how to play Smells Like Teen Spirit on balalaika? Eager to balalaika-jam on some Black Sabbath tunes? We've got it here for you. There's nothing to be ashamed of - although not really publicized, many outstanding artists began their music careers playing balalaika, Jimi Hendrix and Joe Satriani to name a few. They switched to guitar only because it was easier to play. If you want to become a balalaika hero and master what they call a Godfather of Guitar, check our app. Ultimate Balalaika Tabs - it balls! Main features:
  • The app is available on all known and unknown mobile platforms and can be launched even on your Nokia 3310
  • System requirements are beyond common sense: the only thing that's needed is a spare bear and a bottle of vodka
  • Interactive menu: allows you to use the app as a drink pal, with a built-in toasts database and 12 characters to choose from
  • Ultimate Balalaika Tabs currently holds 1st place in the App Store rating among all the apps, leaving Angry Birds far behind
  • 2 sickest tab packs included: "Best of Justin Bieber" and "Moldavian Death Metal"
  • A new update is out every 15 minutes Upon installing the app, Slash instantly became a fan. In fact, he loved balalaika so much he decided to use it on his next record. Check out his jam:
    When asked about the app, Sir Paul McCartney said: "Best thing ever to come out since White Album. A must have." What's more, Ultimate Balalaika Tabs is absolutely free! When downloading, you will only be asked to donate a small sum of money to "Free Willy" fund. It's up to you whether to choose or lose - get your own Ultimate Balalaika Tabs now!
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