Friday Fun: Funniest Guitar Faces

Guitarists pull the funniest faces. Is it true what they say about a solo-face and a sex-face? Maybe we shouldn't ask. Join our caption competition in the comments!

Ultimate Guitar

It's a fact that when a musician is 'in the zone' they temporarily lose control of other functions, like sight. That's why guitarists pull some seriously funny faces mid-solo, when all the world is shut out and nothing else matters.

And yeah, we have respect for that. But on this occasion - just once - we're going to take a light-hearted look at a gallery of gurning rock stars. It is Friday, after all.

One more thing - legend has it that when a guitarist pulls a face during a solo, it's his sex face. We have no idea if this is true, but if it is, a few of these guys have something to worry about.

Feel free to get creative with your own caption contest in the comments!

Joe Walsh (The Eagles)

Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi)

Angus Young (AC/DC)

Alex Lifeson (Rush)

Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big)

Neal Schon (Journey)

Eddie Van Halen

Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake)

Bruce Springsteen

Thanks to Ultimate Classic Rock for the gallery.

Join our caption competition in the comments, we'll be looking out for the funniest entries!

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    John Frusciante is totally missing in this list. His faces are just epic.
    I came here for John Frusciante and I left here with disappointment.
    John looks like he just came in his pants during most of his solos, it's hilarious. Love the guy, though.
    Even if you don't like John Mayer as an artist, he is the undisputed king of guitar player derp face.
    Agreed. You could make this entire article strictly his faces and it possibly be even funnier.
    David Gilmour has pulled some of the most disturbing faces I've seen during a solo!
    Gary Moore = the ultimate in pulling extremely disturbing faces when soloing. I actually can't watch him play because it's just that weird.
    That's part of why I always loved watching him. On top of being a great guitar player, he could entertain you with his facial expressions alone!
    Steve Vai is the best at faces I swear sometimes it looks like he is getting one amazingly blow job or something, best faces ever!
    the lack of Steve Vai on this list is disturbing that dude makes some ridiculous faces
    devin townsend
    Mind_Reader7 The man of a million faces. Just watched By Your Command live at Tuska. The entire thing is amazing. Especially when Anekke makes does her small vocal part.
    I must thank you, you just introduced me to one amazing band!
    How you have not heard of Devin Townsend yet is a bit sad, but... You're in for a wild ride. Get the Epicloud Album (His newest album) and work your way backwards from there to Strapping Young Lad. Then maybe check out Steve Vai's "Sex
    he doesn't play guitar, but Lars Ulrich makes the most whack faces when playing
    You should see Nico McBrain, he's also infinitely better.
    Can't really see him over that kit
    @JMZ08 true :p but in the Flight 666 documentary they made quite a lot of shots of him. He always laughs while drumming and he laughs at the camera. Cool stuff to see, those guys really enjoy playing and entertaining.
    Pat Smear from the Foo Fighters. His facial expressions during their live sets are worth the entry fee alone.
    I would throw in Devin Townsend for the ridiculous faces he makes when he plays- insane rage, childlike wonder, crazy joy... And Mike McCready, the way he often sings along to his solos. Technically not a face, but still...
    Matt Heafy does this over-exaggerated singing at the audience face that makes for some fantastic pictures,& credit where it's due he puts them up on Twitter himself!
    all the faces on the list remind me of one of two possible things. 1.constipation. 2.sexual climax.
    bruce is definitely the best, but marty friedman should be on here, go watch the hangar 18 vid for an ecample.
    I agree with some posters here. Steve Vai isn't on this list, and it's a travesty Examine: 1:12, or just the damn whole song