Friday Fun: Kiss Merchandise

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Of all the legendary rock bands to ever peddle merch in their name, KISS has lead the way in creativity and ridiculousness. Don't believe us? Check out the following gallery and peek at the trinkets, body products and actual, functional KISS "Kaskets" as we takes a survey of some of the craziest items ever sold in the name of KISS.

KISS Kasket and Cremation Urn - Not livin' out your rock 'n' roll dream? At least you can get buried in an official KISS casket. Think of it as your tour bus ... for the afterlife.

KISS Kondoms - Cover your 'Love Gun' before someone gets hurt.

KISS Mr. Potato Heads - Only slightly more plastic than the actual musicians.

KISS Your Face Makeup Kit - The KISS army soldiers had the most festive camouflage ever.

KISS Biking Shorts - Guaranteed to turn heads down at the biker bar.

KISS Ice Cream - The 'Lick It Up' puns practically make themselves.

KISS Masks - Throat sore from cheering on your favorite football team? Don't despair - just put on this KISS mask for permanent enthusiasm.

KISS Dolls - Ken couldn't help but wonder about the black lipstick on Barbie's collar.

KISS Visa - There are some things money can't buy, but they don't come embossed with the KISS logo, so you don't need them.

KISS Coffeehouse - South Carolinians planning to rock and roll all nite can start by getting their caffeine fix at the KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach.

Mount KISS-more Sculpture - KISS: Almost as old as the founding fathers, but solid as a rock! Or, in this case, polystone.

What'd we miss? Got some? Raise your hand or wag your tongue in the comment section.

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