Friday Fun: Worst Rock Tattoos

Even the worst rock tattoos can bring back some great memories. Remember that time you were so struck by the awesomeness of a Bob Dylan lyric and how deeply it addressed something you were going through in your life?

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Even the worst rock tattoos can bring back some great memories. Remember that time you were so struck by the awesomeness of a Bob Dylan lyric and how deeply it addressed something you were going through in your life?

Or when you were so taken by the true rock star-ness of a musician perhaps, Ozzy Osbourne? that you just had to get them inked on your body? Well hopefully you didn't rush into it like these folks on the following pages seem to have done.

01. The tossled hair, the blue eyes, the scruffy week-old beardprobably all on the checklist, but does anyone remember the Nirvana vocalist Kurt Cobain with a full goatee, an elongated head with octopus tentacles for hair, and eyes that look like they could shoot lasers?

02. The Demon! The Starchild! The Spaceman!, The Catman! The Fox!, The Wiz! andthe Werewolf? One of these things is not like the other! That last one was not a Kiss member, but rather a tattoo gone wrong when the artist decided to make the blood-thirsty Kiss tat become as hirsute as a Baldwin brother.

03. Is this a tribute to Ozzy Osbourne, or did "Cheers" actress Shelley Long hack up some phlegm while choking on the vampire teeth from her Halloween costume?

04. This tattoo artist seems to have portrayed Jimi Hendrix on an especially foul-mooded day. But maybe that's what "Crosstown Traffic" will do to a man.

05. Yes, we get it the English have bad teeth. But we're not laying this one on Freddie Mercury.

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    Honestly you could tattoo a speech bubble into the Freddie Mercury one that said "Me Gusta" and it would totally work.
    Worse than any of these is anyone that has a new kids on the block tattoo. My aunt Patty can testify to that.
    I could swear UG has posted a news article about the ugliest rock tattoos already.
    I wonder how many of these people woke up the next morning with a hangover, walked into the bathroom, looked in the mirror and said "Ooooooh my f***in GOD!!"
    Freddie Mercury was not English.
    But he was British. And who the hell is sayin' the English have bad teeth?
    "Mercury was born in the British protectorate of Zanzibar, East Africa (now part of Tanzania). His parents, Bomi and Jer Bulsara,[a] were Parsis from the Gujarat region of the then province of Bombay Presidency in British India" Wikipedia is my friend.
    Wikipedia is not a source of facts.
    for some things it is. especially when looking up something to do with a famous person. most of the time it's accurate. stop being a douche to look cool. the only other way to find out what Freddie's ethnic background would be to ask a family member. how many people have that connection to him?
    Don't be an ass. If it's only accurate some of the time then it's always suspect. Do you seriously think wikipedia is the only place to look up biographical information?
    Wikipedia is sourced at the bottom of the page, which is better than virtually every other website on the internet. The reason its use is discouraged is that A) It encourages poor referencing and citation, and B) It can be edited by anyone, so 1 time out of 10000 you could be reading complete nonsense that someone wrote as a joke. Given that I'd heard Freddie Mercury was actually born in somewhere like East Africa and then Wikipedia confirmed it I'm going to believe it.
    So, it's a possible source for finding other legitimate sources. That clears it up. 1 out of 10000 is being way too generous. My point stands. Use real sources.
    The ozzy one looks the best... Kurt Cobain looks like a hobo in the tattoo, and the freddy mercury one looks actually like Freddy... but thats not a good thing, he wasn't a very attractive looking dude. Funny ass shit UG!
    A friend of mine has the cartoon guy from the cover Significant Other album by Limp Bizkit tattooed on the back of his shoulder...not that its poorly done, just that its Limp Bizkit.
    Is it wrong that I actually like the Frddie Mercury one? Not for the artists skill obviously, but because its terrifying and hilarious at the same time!
    This is why I'm not getting a tattoo. I'm not letting any draw something permanent on my body unless they're Leonardo F'ing DaVinci
    They usually draw it on paper first so that you can see it, and then they copy it on to transfer paper then put the outline where you want it on your body so that you can see it before they tattoo it on to you, so if you don't like it you have plenty of time to speak up and say no
    I think the thing that makes it bad is it the way it's not much like the picture. Although I agree, not a bad tat really
    alan belcher's johnny cash tattoo. mma fans know what im talking about.