Halloween Question: Scariest Music Video?

Place your nominations for the scariest music videos ever here, and we'll stack up the results for a special festive list on Wednesday.

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With Halloween coming up on Wednesday, we decided to move our usual weekly question to Monday to prepare a horrifying poll for the big day.

What is the scariest music video ever?

They don't have to be frightening videos, but it'll help if they fit the spooky Halloween theme.

Maybe you'll opt for something theatrical by Rob Zombie or Marylin Manson, or something so old and bad that's it's good. Like an old Ozzy Osbourne video. There's some wonderfully dark conceptual videos by the likes of Tool or The Knife worth considering. Or, if you want to step outside the rock realm, there's some crazy videos by electronic artists like Aphex Twin which could give anyone the creeps.

Place your nominations in the comments, and remember to upvote the posts you agree with. Feel free to add a YouTube link so your fellow readers can see the clip before voting.

We'll stack up the results and post them in a special Halloween list on Wednesday, alongside a tonne of other festive features. Thanks!

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    One direction - what makes you beautiful
    That or Beauty and a beat by nicki minaj and JB. Well really anything by Nicki minaj is just absolutely horrible
    Tool - Sober
    was waiting for a tool video to show up. great song, great video, you sir get a thumbs up
    Sober should be top. Actually makes me pee myself a little every time I hear the song.
    Tool have some pretty creepy ( but genious) videos.
    It could literally be any of her music videos, that scary beeyatch, this is just the first that showed up...
    the scariest music video now is every niki minaj video
    This is the scariest shit ever.
    Wait what? They made a music video for this? Awesome! Shes awfully pleasurable to look at.
    deschain 13
    its actually fanmade the only song they made a video for was quote unquote but this video is so well done and creepy its hard to tell still awesome choice
    Quote Unquote is pretty terrifying though. If this doesn't qualify, I think Quote Unquote should definitely be on the list.
    I voted both of the people that replied to mastodude down because of obvious first comment riding.
    It's gotta be this:
    Terrifying. But honestly, I gotta go with Thriller. Cool song, cool video, and that Vincent Price Rap!? Amazing.