Introducing Personal Tabs

Create tabs that will be seen only by you and store them on Ultimate Guitar.

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Introducing Personal Tabs

Personal tabs are a great way to create and store your tabs in the cloud where only you can see them. You can view your tabs from any device, edit text versions, share with friends and more.

With Personal tabs you can:

  • Create and edit text tabs on UG
  • Save UG public tabs as personal
  • Access to tabs revision history
  • Use tab tools: transposing, auto-scroll, printing etc
  • Import Guitar Pro tabs
  • View and play Guitar Pro tabs online (new!)
  • Share tabs with anyone (new!)
  • Download all your personal tabs (new!)
  • Access from mobile apps, even offline (coming this summer)
  • Import multiple tabs in different formats (coming later this year)
  • Collaborate: work together on the same tab (coming later this year)

How to create a Personal tab

There are two ways to create a personal tab.

1. You can create a personal tab from scratch. To do that click the "Submit tab" link located on every Ultimate Guitar page at the right side of a search bar:

Then write your tab and click the "Save as personal" blue button:

2. You can create a personal tab from an already published tab. To do that just use the "Save as personal" button located on every tab on Ultimate Guitar:

In both ways you have to be logged in to your Ultimate Guitar account.

How to access Personal tabs

Click the ‘My tabs’ link that is located next to your profile picture to see the list of all your tabs. Personal tabs are marked with a person icon and placed next to your published and favorite tabs. To see only your personal tabs use the filter located before the list of tabs.


Can I access Personal tabs from mobile apps?
Personal tabs are available only on website at the moment, for desktop, mobile, and tablet versions. Later this summer Personal tabs will be available in Ultimate Guitar apps on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Can I share Personal tabs?
Yes! Click "Share" button located at the right side of a tab, turn on link sharing.

What tab formats are supported?
You can save tabs in any format you want: chords, tabs, guitar pro, power, bass, video, ukulele.

How do I turn a Personal tab to public?
To publish your personal tab go to My tabs and click Edit icon next to the Personal tab you want to publish, then click "Publish to UG" button.


We wanna thank all users who took part in beta testing and left their feedback and thoughts. Here are our heroes: sufa2000, Kevan Mckinney, mATT55551, reaperstinky, SixtoWarf, fftt1, wedwards, mendace, motoclangers, Jeffh40, jrarmstro, imbatman1312, MazeDaBazeNSpen1anderssoncaro and guillermopeitto.

Guys, thanks a lot, you are awesome!

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    Hey UG the new Personal Tabs feature is great!!!  It could be improved however, if you also included a "Notes" section where we could add free form notes eg about tempo changes, palm muting or any other tips and techniques applicable to the tab. By the way, the introduction of the strumming pattern section was also brilliant (though long overdue). Well done!!!!!
    It could be improved however, if you also included a "Notes" section where we could add free form notes eg about tempo changes, palm muting or any other tips and techniques applicable to the tab.
    You can add as much notes as you want inside the tab, cause only you will see them!
    By the way, the introduction of the strumming pattern section was also brilliant (though long overdue). 
    Yeah, but if you want to play through a song, it's kind of annoying to have to pause every few lines and scroll down bc you had 4 lines of notes inline with the tab. a note feature kinda like google docs' comments would be nice
    Looks like I got it. What you mean it's not like one general note before a tab, it's ability to add a comment for a specific part of tab tab. Right?
    Yeah! something that can be linked to specific text so you know without having to describe it what part of the song you're commenting on. i'd definitely find it convenient
    Not very trivial feature to implement, so have added it to our todo list -- will think about it later when others most common requests will be implemented: share, export, import, mobile access etc. Thank for the suggestions  
    Has Chad Kroeger weighed in on this yet? how does Kirk Hammett feel about it? any tweets from Dave Mustaine yet?
    I find this new feature very useful for unsigned song/music writers like myself. Normally, I would have all 100+ of my songs written out in a roughly 400 page Microsoft Word Document including all chords, lyrics, riffs, solos and alternative versions of each song. That is very difficult to work with. At one point, I considered printing hard copies of each song/bassline but when an entire ream of paper and extra ink cartridges are involved that seemed like a big waste. Now I can store everything hear where it is easy to access on any computer without me having to remember sheets or my USB. I'll probably end up storing more of my own stuff than the stuff I've already written in the last 5 years for the UG community. I hope you're prepared UG Team!
    Yes, we're ready! Btw, we are going to implement Import feature this month, so you will be able to upload all your 100+ songs very easily. Am I right that you have all your songs in MS Word formats like .doc / .docx or another files as well like .txt etc? This information will help us to implement Import feature in the right way, so please let me know. Thanks!
    I have all my songs in txt files in ChordPro format, i.e., [G] Welcome to the Hotel Cali-[D]fornia.
    Thanks for the info! Will take this into account when start creating Import option for Personal tabs.
    Yes they are. Would there be a feature that let's me upload multiple separate submissions even if they are part of the same document? Or would each submission have to be in a separate document.
    For the first version of this feature -- yes: one document = one tab, because this is the most common case. Then we can improve and take into account another cases like yours.
    Ok. I'll put all my bass tabs in separate documents while I wait for this feature to be created. I'll happily use my material to beta test for the UG Team. I'll leave my chord sheets in one document for the next stage.
    Great, thanks a lot! I'll let you know when we release or start beta of this feature.
    THANK YOU FOR THIS!  Looking forward to being available on mobile apps.
    You're welcome! Mobile apps for iOS and Android with the access to Personal tabs will be available later this month. By the way, if you use iPhone we can invite you to try beta version with Personal tabs. Please let me know if you are interested!
    It would be pretty awesome if you could make folders in the personal tabs thing.  Then you can have different "playlists" if you're playing with different bands!
    We have this feature it our todo list -- will be implemented a little bit later. Thanks for the feedback!
    Maybe the personal tabs would make it possible for you to grant my big wish: I want to be able to change the key of a song and save it, so that the next time I open it (even on another device), I'll have a key that's comfortable to sing right away, without necessary adjustments.
    Suggested this about 5-7 years ago in the suggestions forum and was told "this is not a storage website," and then my thread was deleted. You're welcome. 
    Times change... We've changed our mind about this feature, because received tons of requests about it last year. So you had a great suggestion 5-6 years ago!  
    Is there a way to turn off the pop up? I've read this already but every time I revisit "hey learn about personal tabs! hey learn about person...!"
    Yep, sorry for that -- it was a bug and we've fixed it earlier today!
    I can't find my favourites! What happened?? (...) Oh, ok - just realised the changes, now. Thank you UG for improving the platform!
    i really enjoyed the you tube video popping up with every tab. is it gone now or do i not know how to turn it on
    Thanks for your feedback regarding this feature! Actually it was an internal test, which mistakenly was rolled out for all users. So we've rolled back it yesterday. Probably it will go live later this summer. Stay tuned!
    that is a great feature man. i have close to 150 songs on my list. some times i need a reminder on melody. i use you tube for this all the time . it was just great to have it pop up with the tab. i give that feature a big thumbs up. 
    I can store localy, on my phone, the partitions I love, why can't I do it on my tablet (Surface Window) ?
    My reply to a comment I either forgot what the comment  was about or did not make it.  Please send more details or info  Thanks  Glen
    Here is your comment:
     please let me get these chords and lyrics 
    How do I turn a personal tab to public? 
    Great question! Have added an answer to FAQ section in the article. Please check out and let me know whether it's clear now?
    I have a 100 or so tabs i saved from the "Guitar For the Practicing Musician" magazine from the early 80's. Is it "legal" to recreate them and keep them here? Or any other tab acquired from another source for that matter. Would i be able to submit these for all to use?
    Is there any way to save a tab that I created as personal if it's currently pending? I saw the option while creating, but I don't see it under edit.
    Nope... You can save tab as personal while creating or create personal from any public tab on Ultimate Guitar. Moreover, if your submitted tab is rejected, it will be automatically saved as personal.
    All the songs from my favorites are gone! Even in "My Tabs"!
    The issue have been fixed and wasn't connected with Personal tabs feature -- should work fine now. Sorry for inconvenience
    We need to start paying now to view all tabs on an ipad?
    Nope... We're working on iPhone, iPad and Android versions of our apps to add access to Personal tabs -- will be released later this month. Stay tuned!
    Yes I would like you to keep the favorites tab because it shows all my tabs in alpabetical order making them easy to find.
    when I open my tabs they no longer come up in alphabetical order am i doing something wrong ?
    where is my personal tab???? i made it and cant find a link to access it...
    in the personal tabs, can i submit tabs from music made for me??? i mean, i have all of my compositions writed in GP, i can have a register of all those ideas and keep it in the cloud to never lose those songs, also can i share those tabs for ppl listen to my "music"??
    You can upload everything you want as personal tab! Two days ago we implemented share option for personal tabs, so you can upload your GP file and share it with anyone. Moreover, people will be able not just to download your GP file, but also play it from a browser on desktop. Here is an example of shared GP tab: -- so you can try by yourself!
    We can't look at shared GP tabs and the tab player is covering the notifications window  
    Why did u guys remove the simply chord feature? I really need it please
    Nope, it was a bug and we've fixed it, so 'simply chords' option is available now.  Thanks for letting us know about this issue!