It's Time to Change Community Feed and 90+ Articles on the UG News Main Page, Feedback Wanted!

Your comment here is a way to change UG news feed.

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UG team became obsessed with community opinion and can’t move forward without considering it. I believe it’s a good sign cause we did a lot of great stuff together. Special thanks to our tab authors that help UG to test and improve new features, and to all UG News users that commented on "PSA: As You Can See, UG News Have a New Design, Feedback Welcome!" article and shaped new UG layout.

Today’s topic is Community Feed. This project is two months old already, and it’s a good time to talk about its future.

Community Feed was launched to publish users’ articles and to cover all the music news that our writers aren't able to cover. We created a special category and simplified the submission form for this kind of news. We also added information on the News home page (including meta info under each article) for you to distinguish users’ and UG editorial news. We worked on quality and quantity. And I believe we can improve it even more.

Web Feed used to have filters for UG content (from tabs and lessons to brands’ reviews and forum threads) and personalized feed with updates from your favorite artist and UG users. This project wasn’t popular enough, and we decided to wrap it up.

Now, without a filter available for you to sort all news on the main page, we need to find another solution.

Here is the issue (you probably already know it): too many articles on the main news page.

Here are a few things that we came up with (and something we adopted from your original suggestions)

  1. Set up a limit for community feed articles (they still will be on the main News page but not as many as there are now)
  2. Hide all community feed articles in their category and feature only those which, for example, got more than five upvotes or XXX views.

Both options are not perfect, so I’ll be glad to hear your suggestions

Btw, it’s not only about “where to put Community Feed news” question, you also can share your feedback about users’ news in general.

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    Some form of administration on the articles would be a great start, a lot of them have literally been a link to a video 2 lines of text! Having said that, the idea is great and will keep the feed fresh. Potentially 2 articles reserved on the main section for community articles with the others from uncle UG. Thanks for the services and site in general though!
    Way Cool JR.
    Instead of just having a filter that narrows down the category one by one where you can choose news,interviews ect.  I would like a filter that just removes the Community Feed and leaves everything else to scroll through.     
    Way Cool JR.
    Or make the Community Feed its own separate section all together where it's not intertwined with the regular news feed at all.   
    Option 2 seems the most reasonable, it's still there, but in it's own section, and the ones that get attention go to the main page. Solves the flood problem without hiding it away completely. But in case this doesn't work and the flood continues, i could see option 1 coming in a bit.
    The article title has a typo...chance community feed. Sorry I don`t have any other feedback atm.
    I prefer option 2, I've found the overwhelming majority of community feed articles to be ridiculously obscure or uninteresting.  Displaying only those with a significant amount of upvotes would be a helpful solution.
    You can make 2 Community feeds, one with the articles of the UG writers and a secondary community feed with articles by the users. If some article from the secondary community feed has been voted as a good one or has too many views, you can move it to the primary Community feed
    Hide all community feed articles in their category and feature only those which, for example, got more than five upvotes or XXX views. ^ I like this one.  How about: let people upload their content, give it a set time limit, and if it's little to no views or downvoted a lot, just remove it. I miss having a cleaner newsfeed, even if it was Dave Grohl or Corey Taylor or Gene Simmons galore.
    I actually really liked the "My Feed" feature.  It was helpful in filtering out the community feed with news/tabs about the bands I cared about in addition to the regular UG news and feature articles.  Granted, some of the community feed articles were not great, but it was cool to see more news about my favorite musicians that don't make big headlines.  I haven't even bothered to look through News articles since the Feed got taken down, there's just way too much community feed going on without a way to filter it.
    It seems to me that if UG is taking things to the next level, it must have the platform and UI to do so. IMO, UG, needs too take ownership of their feed, keep the front, main stories newsworthy, timely and relevant. Separately, to have a community forum/community feed, UG must have a moderator/administrator. Create a set of guildlines that are simple, any awards/medals should be given out in a fair and consistent manner.. Post the guidelines, awards/medals to the forum/feed. People need to follow the simple rules/guidelines and simply enjoy the new, but separate feed. Again, just my opinion...but have been doing these things for years.
    Option 2 looks like the better one to me. Community feed has some interesting facts, but it isn't really articles. Most of them are like twitter posts . Useful stuff about various band updates, tours etc, but it is far from being "news".  So I think a community feed section would be great- and it would also be nice to label them as well. "General band news", "tours", "funny", "opinions" etc.
    I think there should be different sections for the summary and text. I think the new interface for the text section is good, though when I tried it I had no confirmation if my embed link was accepted (using chrome). Also, a section to upload the thumbnail.
    Less metal in the news feed. There is so much guitar based rock music out there, but 99% of your news stories are about metal bands nobody has ever heard of. Enough already.
    Id like to read only about the banda i like. Sorry but im not a metal guy and its anniyng to see news of bands like abortion or bs like that everyday, id like to filter the news. Excuse my english
    How about we stop taking the gold medals away from people who were awarded them? I'm tired of coming back to an article later on and seeing that. Somebody just did that to someone in the latest Linkin Park thread, and its happened to me three times. Have a Gold, Silver and Bronze system if you want, but just because a different UG moderator has a different sense of humor or point of view shouldn't mean they get to screw around with the medal once its given out. "And the award for best motion picture of the century is Schindlers List! But I prefer Herbie Fully Loaded so that wins instead."
    We don't pick who get the medals, you guys do by up voting comments.
    I've seen it switch to comments with lower vote counts, and there's an article where BabyJoel gives it to himself, which he admitted to. It happened to me within the last week, I'm not making this up.
    Whatever you do, please give a way to have the RSS feed without Community feed ! Do a separate RSS feed !