Monday Fresh: Green Day Debut 'Oh Love' Single

The track is the first single to be taken from Green Day's forthcoming ¡Uno! album.

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The track is the first single to be taken from Green Day's forthcoming ¡Uno! album, the first of their ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré! album trilogy.

¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré! will be released in three stages, with the first album ¡Uno! coming out on September 25. The second LP ¡Dos! comes out on November 13 and ¡Tré! on January 15, 2013. All of the albums are available to pre-order now from the band's website.

The series is the follow-up to Green Day's 2009 studio album "21st Century Breakdown" and signals a move away from the band's spell of producing concept-driven records.

To coincide with the albums' release, the band will release two documentaries. One is being made by Tim Lynch, a producer of the band's recent DVD Green Day: Bullet In A Bible and Tim Wheeler, a co-producer and editor of The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights and will focus on the making of the band's upcoming three albums. A second documentary is being created from vintage footage from the band's pre-Dookie days.

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    Did that John_Kimble guy die or something? I cannot spot a single eyeliner "joke" yet.
    reignofrock wrote: Pft. I was disappointed in American Idiot, even more so by 21st. However, this takes the cake. Goodbye Green Day.
    I don't think you should judge the new album(s) on the first single alone. 'American Idiot' and 'Know your Enemy' are in my opinion the worst songs on the last two albums. If i decided not to listen to the rest of the albums purely because i didn't like those two songs i would never have heard great songs like 'Jesus of suburbia' or '21 guns', two of my favourite songs. Like i said before, this new song is gash, but it won't stop me listening to all three new albums at least once.
    Hmmmmm..... slightly less excited than after hearing the "Uno!" preview, but trying to keep an open mind
    This is freakin' weird. I've followed this band for over a decade and this is the oddest thing i've heard them do. Quite catchy in places for sure but i'm almost positive he's making the lyrics up as he goes along.
    Ian Paul Gint
    Well, to me it sounds like a generic Green Day song, might as well have been a leftover from Warning. Hope to hear better tracks on the upcoming LP.
    IMO good song and it sounds like a closing track, but bad choice for a single. Especially a lead single.
    twiggy3634 wrote: Uninspired, lazy songwriting. How many songs can you get away with using 2 or 3 power chords?
    This is Green Day... so approximately 67864505120.
    I think it's awesome. And I highly doubt this'll be the best song on the album. Know Your Enemy and 21 Guns are my least favorite songs off of the last album, but they're still decent songs.
    cielmort wrote: It sounds like the ending song of a movie. I didn't dislike it, really. But I'm pretty sure this won't be anywhere close to the best song in the album, based on the previews alone.
    It is the last song on the Uno album, so maybe that's why it sounds like a closer. Or perhaps it links to the first song of Dos, which would be pretty cool too. Either way, I hope the rest of the songs are better!
    i don't understand the people who don't like it. this song is GREAT. and BJ finally started to use string bending!!!
    I enjoyed it, it's refreshing to hear green day have a more classic rock/rock'n'roll approach at their music, I'm a huge fan and love the old stuff and the new stuff, it's all good!
    I think it's a cool song. I really like their tones and just the whole sound. I would love to use their gear for recording, it just sounds so tight.
    Well, some people say that it's too pop and lacks energy. But you have to have in mind that this is the closing track to the album so it's supposed to be that way. It's a cool, catchy song...a bit underwhelming in my opinion. Don't get it why did GD made it a single, I'm certain they have mutch better songs...nice track though
    I think this is one of those tracks that's going to really come alive in a concert setting, as a singalong sort of thing. It's fine on it's own, but I can see them upping the tempo and amping it up a lot at a show.
    People need to keep in mind that this is a closing track. And to the people complaining that it's too slow, maybe that's why they decided to release this as a lead single. If they had released a faster paced single people would then just say "Meh, same old Green Day, nothing special.". This song is very different from past songs. The guitar sound is cleaner and Billie Joe sounds like he did some double tracking vocals, which is different from what he usually does. And there are lots of subtle things, like the organ on the background from the verse to the chorus. It's funny that people say that this song is "too slow" or repeatitious when some of Green Day's most notable songs are this way (i.e. When I Come Around and Brain Stew). There isn't a single song on the radio that sounds like this. And people who are having doubts, supposedly they're going to release another single in the future called Let Yourself Go that has the line "Shut your mouth 'cause you're talking too much/And I don't give a f**k anyway." So don't write this album off just yet.
    TheMinority13 wrote: JayMichaelRayne wrote: i don't understand the people who don't like it. this song is GREAT. and BJ finally started to use string bending!!! I think that might be Jason White doing the solo cause that's totally not Billie's style IMO
    yeahhhh liistenn to oldeer grreen day. its comepltely in billie to do something like that. woulldnt surprise me if jason was doing it but wouldnt surprise me if billie did it either. wasnt like it was a whacko shred solo lol
    It's not bad, this is equivalent to "See The Light" on 21st Century. It's growing on me. It probably won't be one of my favorites on the album, but I'm glad they're releasing singles. Very optimistic about this album.
    captkarl wrote: is anybody else not feeling their album art and like aesthetic for this whole triple album thing? it looks like such a phase thing which doesn't really lend itself well to good music in general. Im thinking about all my favorite album covers and between the music and the image i end up loving the whole package even more. Dookie has an awesome album cover, I love looking at it every time. This looks like they are cranking it out for hot topic, and i love this band more than most, but this just looks as mediocre as people expect the music to be from here on out.
    The whole reason why the covers are like that is because that's what they wanted from the beginning. Name the album's Uno, Dos, and Tre and have each band member's face on an album. They're moving into a more vintage sort of classic sound, so the album covers pay tribute to that whole 70s grindhouse sort of thing. Also the covers are suppose to be very bright, so they catch your eye on the shelves.
    I liked it in the beginning, but 5 minutes of the same thing in a slow tempo is just a bit too much for me. Still pretty excited about the album considering the previews
    It sounds like the ending song of a movie. I didn't dislike it, really. But I'm pretty sure this won't be anywhere close to the best song in the album, based on the previews alone.
    As a long term Green Day fan I've liked pretty much everything they've done. But I'm really not sure about this one. I'm confident the album will win me over, but surely the whole point of a first single is to get people interested in the album but instead it does the opposite.
    ... I quite like it. Clearly I am alone.
    Nah you're not alone. I find it to be alright. A bit generic but still good.
    This song reminds me of the new Offspring album. Not the song sound itself, just the fact that is sounds WAY different for Green Day (as "Green Day", it DOES sound a lot like Green Day as "Foxboro Hot Tubs"), just as the new Offspring single sounded more like Foo Fighters than Offspring. And when I heard that "California Bumpin" or whatever song on the new Offspring I was prepared to write them off forever. However, being a fan from the getgo, and knowing they usually have a few poppy/garbage songs as their singles, I have the album a shot. I'd say teres maybe 3 tracks I skip as soon as they come on, and the rest rock, even some "old school" sounding songs. Green Day has been the same way since achieving success. even if there are songs I personally don't care for, there are still garaunteed to be a couple gems in there for us old school fans, and that's what keeps me a fan. As a musician as well I know that making the same record over and over gets stale and restricting. As a fan, I want that same "Dookie", or "Smash", sound that I fell in love with. I think these two bands are classic examples of mixing the 2. They have twir new sound, and still throw a few classic sounding ones in on each album. I'm cool with that, I get my full of how they "should" sound and get to see how they are progressing in sound. It's win win. I don't always care for most of the new stuff, but I can't hate on a band for not pumpin out the same album for 20 years. Not to mention Green Day live is amazing. I saw em 2yrs ago and almost didnt go because I LOVE the old stuff and dot care for the new stuff (most of it) and figured they'd play mostly new stuff for the teenage girls that are the majority fan base now. Well, they play for about THREE HOURS, and about 2 was all older stuff. Amazing. I haven't made fun of them since, I gained a new respect for them that night. They'd come so far from me seeing them in club shows, and yet still played obscure songs from pre-Dookie albums.
    I don't mind it. I like it a lot more than the songs on 21st Century Breakdown.
    Now don't get me wrong, I like Green Day, I know they aren't meant to be massive musical innovators, but this song is so incredibly generic it hurts. Some of their cheesiest lyrics yet, and it's pretty much based around the most generic chord progression in rock music, and for 5 whole minutes? I really, really hope they don't bring out three albums worth of songs like this, but considering I thought the same thing about Know Your Enemy and actually enjoyed 21CB who knows? I'm not holding my breath though...
    Mr Ime
    Wasn't exactly expecting a Longview or Basket Case but it sorta sounds like pre-American Idiot/Warning-esque Green Day again which is better direction than 21CD imo. I hope Green Day do deliver, bar 21CD I love all their albums.
    I like it. Sure it's not their best but it's not the 90s anymore. They're not the same band they were back then, musically speaking.
    Uninspired, lazy songwriting. How many songs can you get away with using 2 or 3 power chords?
    Anyone else think BJ's vocals are sounding a bit like they did back in the early 90s?
    For everyone "giving up" on green day well have fun.Not only is this the first single out of 3 albums but they even announced that The first album would be "power pop" the second being more "garagey" and the third will be "epic " . Considering this is the closing track of the power pop album, this is as much power pop as it will get.You should judge an album by its single