Monday Fresh: Muse Voted 'Most Exciting Live Act'

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Monday Fresh: Muse Voted 'Most Exciting Live Act'
British pomp-rock act Muse have fended off competition from the likes of Queen, Rage Against The Machine and Led Zeppelin to be voted "most exciting live act of all time" by readers of the NME. More than half a million votes were cast in the poll, which saw newer bands such as The Strokes and The Killers placed higher than more established acts such as Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix. The Rolling Stones, the longest running act on the list, barely made the cut, coming in at #20. The full top 20 list is as follows: 01. Muse 02. The Strokes 03. The Killers 04. Queen 05. Bruce Springsteen 06. Nirvana 07. Arctic Monkeys 08. The White Stripes 09. Led Zeppelin 10. Rage Against The Machine 11. Radiohead 12. Jimi Hendrix 13. AC/DC 14. David Bowie 15. The Cure 16. Foo Fighters 17. Pink Floyd 18. Blur 19. The Clash 20. The Rolling Stones Muse have come under fire in recent weeks for the release of their new "dubstep" track Unsustainable, taken from upcoming album The 2nd Law. Defending the track, bassist Chris Wolstenholme has claimed that the band were trying to achieve "anti-dubstep" by using real instruments rather than computer technology: "It was almost a sort of anti-dubstep in a way," he said. "We like that kind of music, more so for the sounds really. The sounds that are used in dubstep are so extreme. It's like this sonic assault on your ears." European fans curious about Muse's recently acquired status as "most exciting band of all time", can catch the group on their European tour which runs from October through December. Whether you think Muse deserved the crown, or are baffled by the inclusion of the bands on the list, let us know in the comments section.
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