Monday Fresh: Tate Reveals Fresh Queensryche Lineup

There are now two official Queensryches, and Geoff Tate's lineup has just been confirmed to include former members of Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne and Ratt. The competition between both versions of the band is getting hot - which one will you support?

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Geoff Tate has unveiled an entire new lineup for his version of Queensryche.

If you've missed the past few months of Queensryche drama, here's a quick rundown: The band fired long-term singer Geoff Tate for allegedly attacking them at a show in Brazil, but he says it was because he heard them talk about firing him anyway. Tate took the band to court to prevent them from touring under the Queensryche name, but lost so the band have continued with new singer Todd La Torre. However, the judge says there's no reason Tate can't continue touring as Queensryche either, so he's just put a new band together too. Phew!

Tate's version of Queensryche will feature Rudy Sarzo on bass (formerly with Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Quiet Riot), Bobby Blotzer (Ratt) on drums and Glen Drover (Megadeth) on guitar.

A couple of Tate's former Queenryche colleagues will return to the fold, namely Kelly Gray who was in the band between 1998 and 2001 and produced several of the albums, and keyboardist Randy Gane.

Tate confirmed the new lineup in a statement in which he complains that the 'other' Queensryche had lost their spark.

"The challenge, when you're in a creative environment, is keeping things fresh and invigorating, and after working with the same people for thirty years, it gets very difficult - You walk into the room, and everybody knows what everyone is going to do. There's no spark, the chemistry is very tried and true and you just keep coming up with the same ways of expressing yourself.

"With this new project, with these new people, it's a whole new scene. There are new ideas, different musical backgrounds and a whole new set of parameters. Everyone has ideas you haven't heard before, and everyone is throwing them against the wall and suddenly... the music has a whole new life. I look forward to this new life and I hope to see you on tour as all of us come together and begin this new era."

That's a pretty stellar lineup - but will it put the 'other' Queensryche to shame? Will you support one version of the band over the other, or do you with Tate would be accepted back to his old band? Share your opinion of the ongoing drama in the comments.

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    Glen Drover... how could you?
    Yeah, but at least he does have some experience playing in a band with a loudmouthed, opinionated, egotistical frontman. (Actually, is there any other type of frontman?)
    Are you serious? TWO Queensryches? I have a feeling one is going to sue the other again sometime soon...
    I was 83% sure Portnoy would be there to make the ultimate bitchfest line-up. What a shame.
    Portnoy and Tate are not on good terms. It all goes back to the tour they did together with QR and DT.
    Anyone else want to start a Queensrche? Got a bit inspired myself just now. Mindcrime III?
    When the time comes that one of the bands wants to release new material there's probably going to be a legal sh*tstorm over who gets to release music under the Queensryche name.
    To be honest, having two bands touring under the name Queensryche would be pretty cool, in an interesting "lol" way. Until they do anything original though, Tate's group just seems like a supergroup thrown together to play Queensryche songs, and basically for the "look at our line-up, THIS is Queensryche".
    Which band gets to keep the umlaut over the Y... next court battle.
    That lineup is pretty damn good. But, Tate is now a hack, and so are the former Queensryche musicians. Chris DeGarmo was the only good member and he left a long time ago.
    For a guy who longer wants to play metal, he sure added quite a few metal stars to the line-up. Nothing against these new guys, but I hope Geoff's line-up falls flat on its face. And when its time to put out an album, I think Wilton and the boys will outshine Geoff Tate and Friends.
    Josh Reubenking
    What the ****, man. Tate needs to stop being so damn butthurt, move on, and accept the fact Queensryche has moved on without him. Seriously. He's so immature. "They fired me and left me with nothing. I'm so hurt by it. Wah wah wah!" Says the man who thinks spitting on his former bandmates solves anything. He dug his own grave there.
    Glen drover? Well this new queenscryche will be a huge succsess. Im so intrested to here them again.
    I'm taking Tate's version of Queensryche. Sorry but, he was the voice for that band for SO many years! The version he was fired from has just become a tribute band in my opinion. Geoff may be an immature ***** but, I'm siding with his new band!
    Saw Geoff Tate last night on That Metal Show. 1) He said he spit at the guys because minutes before the show they fired him, his wife, his daughter, and some other relative I don't recall. He said spitting was the most degrading thing he could come up with. 2) He said the judge allowed them both to use the name and said, "The Four Tops or Queensryche, what's the difference?" Bizarre statement. 3) He said he had no idea anything was wrong until they fired him. When asked why he thinks he was fired, he said the economy all around the world is pretty bad and they must have thought they could fire him and split his 20% among the rest of them. Not into Queensrhyche myself, but it sure is an interesting story
    never really heard of queensryche but from what i can see the fourth person from the left at the picture at the bottom looks like what people expected axl rose to look like older
    My Last Words
    ''Tate's version of Queensryche will feature Rudy Sarzo on bass (formerly with Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Quiet Riot), Bobby Blotzer (Ratt) on drums and Glen Drover (formerly with Megadeth) on guitar''
    like this if you think the second guy in the photos kinda looks like john travolta lol
    The Queensryche without Geoff should just name themselves and get it over with. Geoff is too much of an ass to do htat it seems. I swear, it's like Guns n Roses with even more ego
    Oh UG, you got your names confused. This isn't Queensryche. It's The Geoff Tate Project. The actual Queensryche with Todd La Torre will be so much better. All Geoff did was form a super group to cover Queensryche songs
    If Geoff is so excited about his "new musical direction" and "new creative team" then how in the #$%& can he look in the mirror and call it Queensryche?
    I gotta say "I'm interested". Will look forward to hear what comes out of this. These guys have there hands full learning the old material, if they are covering old tunes.
    This kinda reminds me of the Gorgoroth situation a few years ago. Minus the corpse paint of course.
    I guessed Robbin Crosby wasn't going to be the dude from Ratt.
    This has me intrigued in a way I don't think I feel ok with. I think Geoff is at fault in this thing and I would back the original members 100%. BUT I love Glen Drover and at the end of the day the guitar tone sounds similar the drums sound similar and it is really the singing that is the deciding factor which obviously Tate does better.... I don't know, I don't want to like Tate for this one.