Month in Review: The Best of October 2013

See all the winning poll results and tracks of the month alongside a big news summary in our epic monthly roundup.

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Welcome back to our monthly round up of all that was awesome in October. This is where we collect the winning results from our weekly top 10 charts, the best new songs as voted by Ultimate Guitar readers, and the biggest news stories.

Top 10 Roundup

Best Progressive Metal Album: Mastodon "Crack the Skye"

Progressive Rock is one of the most popular genres on Ultimate Guitar, and this proved to be one of the most popular top 10 lists all year with a genuinely stellar set of results. Tool's excellent "Lateralus" was only just beaten by this brilliant concept album by Mastodon. See the original Top 10 Progressive Metal Albums list here.

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Biggest Rock Poser: Gene Simmons

The KISS bassist has spent a career in makeup and gallant postures to earn this award. You can't say he didn't deserve it. See the full list of Top 10 Biggest Rock Posers here.

Best Beatles Song: "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

Polls like this will always be hotly contested, but the surprise winner isn't so unusual when you ask the world's biggest guitar community to vote. As Ultimate Guitar member Thrice Capades said in the comments, "Welcome to UG, where readers play guitar and tend to like really, really, really amazing guitar songs." See the full list of the Top 10 Beatles Songs Ever here.

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Heaviest Guitar Riff Ever: "Black Sabbath" by Black Sabbath

The heaviest riff turned out to be the original metal riff. And so it should, when it still sounds as bleak and dark as ever. It was a truly brutal list, and we recommend that you turn up your speakers and hear the full Top 10 Heaviest Guitar Riffs list here.

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Scariest Song Story: "Black Sabbath" by Black Sabbath

Ozzy and his crew won two award this month, with bassist Geezer Butler's satanic backstory behind the song creeping out Ultimate Guitar readers more than any other. Check out our special Halloween Top 10 Scariest Song Stories here, but be warned - it's not a pleasant read.

Tracks of the Month

Every week we round up the best new rock songs from around the internet and ask readers to vote for their favorite. Here's the best tracks and album streams from the month - look out for our weekly playlist on Thursdays to take part in the next poll.

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Biggest News Stories

Here's some of the most debated stories on Ultimate Guitar over the past month. Punk Band Film Porn on Westboro Baptist Church's Front Yard - The mean 'God Hates Fags' preachers got a taste of sin on their own garden when an obscure band shot to fame when one of their female members masturbated in their yard. Ultimate Guitar's 15th Birthday - We celebrated 15 years of being the world's biggest guitar community, and readers were kind enough to leave some really touching comments. Thanks guys and gals! Lou Reed Passes Away at 71 - The music icon died last week of liver disease. Whatever you make of Lou's ill-fated collaboration with Metallica, he was a massive influence on music culture and stayed true to his art and beliefs until the end. Justin Bieber Covers Metallica 'Fade to Black' - Some argued that it wasn't a proper cover, but the news stirred a big reaction nonetheless. It sounds like Metallica didn't care; they called themselves "Beliebers" and support him for going through such a fast ascent to fame at such a young age. What was your life like during the month of October? Post about one thing you did, learnt or hoped for in October, and we'll read all of them.

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    Justin Bieber covering a Metallica song is the "biggest news" in October? Here's where the comments will become hypocritical. There shall be a shit load of people bitching about how the youth needs to listen to good music instead of recycled garbage, and then it'll turn to people bitching about a pop singer introducing a GIANT fan base of kids and teens to influential, great metal.
    Loud Reed's death is as spoken about in this article as Justin Bieber's Metallica cover. Oh dear.
    This obssesion to put shit on Bieber is pathetic... If you dont like him dent dont ****ing show interest to his work... dont be a sheep
    Some argued that it wasn't a proper cover, but the news stirred a big reaction nonetheless. Which was exactly the intention of Ultimate-TMZ
    Yeah, i like Black Sabbath and all, but that song is getting just a tad too much attention.
    Well it IS the song that started Heavy Metal....and Doom Metal....and Stoner Metal....and every other genre of metal that has or ever will exist....
    Being first doesnt make it best.
    I know. But it still deserves a fair amount of attention either way. Granted it does get too much attention sometimes. But not as much attention as say Paranoid, Iron Man, or War Pigs.
    Blasphemy. The best Beatles song is obviously and objectively "Fixing a Hole". (jk, just my opinion) Also, Monster Magnet's new album is pretty good...
    The fact that Black Sabbath got 'heaviest riff ever' shows that the majority of the voters are 13 and haven't started listening to anything but the classics yet. fite me
    I went for the Electric Wizard one but had no problem with Black Sabbath's eponymous winning.
    Personally I think Sleep, Electric Wizard, and Reverend Bizarre are the heaviest bands on the planet. But I have no problem with Black Sabbath winning that. Dopesmoker, III: So Long Suckers, and Come My Fanatics.... are the heaviest albums I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Oh and Plague Of The Planet is pretty heavy too at times.
    M E S H U G G A H I'm not even a huge fan of Meshuggah, but it does not get much heavier than that.
    I don't really like Meshuggah all that much. I mean they're okay but they're not really "my thing" if you get what I'm saying.
    Check some Brutal Death Metal. It'll change your opinion on what heavy is. Might I suggest the band Wormed?
    I already listen to Brutal Death Metal. I still think Doom Metal has some of the heaviest bands ever. Did you listen to Windhand's newest album Soma? It's ****ing A M A Z I N G
    First off I can't believe they mentioned Lulu in this best of october thing. That was in the past, man. Just move on. Plus the reason why Metallica said that they are "beliebers" is because they think he doesn't get in trouble much. Well all I can say is that think twice Metallica. I still like Metallica, there music, but just give me a favor Metallica, think twice on being "Beliebers". One more thing, we have lost a lot of music icons this year, Ray Manzarek, Lou Reed, Richie Havens, let them rest in peace now. They are jammin' out in heaven now.
    If you are a metalhead you NEED to get that As The Palaces Burn Reissue. Dat intro riff on Ruin