New Music: Lacuna Coil, Karen O and More

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Welcome to another round of rock streams which our new music monkeys have gathered from across the web.

This week, we've got the return of Italian metallers Lacuna Coil, and a collaboration from Yeah Yeah Yeahs front woman Karon O with multi-instrumentalist Walter Martin. Further down, there's the usual collection of new tracks from elsser-known artists which are worth your attention.

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Lacuna Coil "Nothing Stands in Our Way"

Karen O and Walter Martin "Sing to Me"

J. Roddy Walston & the Business "Heavy Bells"

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The Virginmarys "Just A Ride"

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The Cadillac Three "I'm Southern"

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I Killed the Prom Queen "Thirty One & Sevens"

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Shear "Last Warning"

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    I love Lacuna Coil, but that track was kind of a snoozer. I hope the rest of the album isn't a letdown.
    Truckfigters just had a new album out and they're easily one of my favorite bands right now and I think they deserve to be up here.
    That J Roddy Walston is awesome, never heard of them before. Just checked and their album is streaming on youtube if anyone else is interested. Virgin Marys was also pretty cool
    Never was really a fan of I Killed The Prom Queen's vocals, but the album itself isn't too bad I guess.
    Karen O also recorded a duet with the dude from Vampire Weekend (Ezra Koenig). It's a really mellow but beautiful track titled Moon Song which she wrote for the movie Her. Really liked it (apparently it's even up for an oscar) There's already an in-movie version featuring Scarlett Johansson and Joaquin Phoenix, but this version is better imho. Make sure to check it out
    Lol Natures
    Never mind that shit, Doom metal band Conan has a new album called "Blood Eagle" coming out on the 28th.
    oh my god... I Killed the Prom Queen was some of the most generic, predictable shit I've heard in a while.