New Music Playist: Ghost, Deap Vally, Portugal. The Man and More

The best from this week's crop of new music streams. Which is your favorite?

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Welcome to our weekly roundup of new music streams.

Ghost are back after a lull in their news cycle (I guess the hype would never last forever), but the really exciting tracks are from the hot and upcoming artists Deap Valley and Portugal. The Man. Both bands are beloved underground artists, but set for the mainstream with their new releases. If you've been hiding under a rock, now is a good time to check them out.

Further down, we've got some awesome metal and rock tracks from lesser known artists. Which ones do you love? Let us know in the comments.

Ghost "Waiting for the Night"

Another track from their second album "Infestissuman" (also, Depeche Mode cover). Seems like that hype died down once the album came out, huh?

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Deap Vally "Baby I Call Hell"

The most rocking women on the planet today. They sound so huge that you'd never guess there were only two of them in the band.

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Portugal. The Man "Atomic Man"

Awesome song from their forthcoming third album "Evil Friends" produced by Dangermouse. "After you, hell will be easy..."

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Dusk Machine "I Feel No Pain"

Featuring ex-members of Primal Fear and Annihilator, their new self-titled album will out on July 26.

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The Tracii Guns League Of Gentlemen "The Sound"

Melodic rock 'n' roll with a lovely recording sound. Nothing wrong with a bit of vintage vibe.

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Amon Amarth "Shape Shifter"

Beastly death metal from their ninth studio album "Deceiver of the Gods."

Kalmah "Deadfall"

Triumphant metal - is it me, or would the intro be the most awesome "Sonic the Hedgehog" game music ever?

Pamela Moore "Paranoia"

Groovy metal from the former hard rock queen.

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Which tracks do you like best? Got links to anything we missed? Post them in the comments.

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    What's with all the downvotes recently? Trolls, trolls everywhere... Anyway, new Portugal. The Man song is boss.
    Ghost is f**king awesome! Been listening to them for 2 years now as they're quickly climbing to the top.
    also, I can't rave enough about Ghost. Saw them last month, seriously one of the best acts out there
    Atomic man was the first Portugal. The Man song that i heard a few days ago, now i'm a fan, fantastic band
    Every week UG seems to find some pretty good music that I've never heard of. I'd have to say this is probably my favourite weekly feature.
    I wouldn't really consider Portugal. The Man a "hot and upcoming band"....they've been around since like 2006, and have had fans/made albums for years....that aside, still very excited for new music by them. Just saw them live for the first time last weekend, they killed it