New Music Playlist: Alice in Chains, Serj Tankian, Devin Townsend & More

Hear a whopping 18 minute from the brand new Alice in Chains album, plus the full new Queensryche album and much more.

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Welcome to our weekly roundup of the week's best new music streams from across the internet.

Kicking off this week's playlist is an epic 18-minte sampler of the new Alice In Chains album. If that isn't worth playing, I don't know what is.

There's a couple of interesting alternative surprised this week: a collaboration between Serj Tankian, Devin Townsend and more under the banner "Revolution Harmony" with a charity song. Biffy Clyro have also done something different for charity with a very unusual cover song ... scroll down to see what it is.

If you love finding upcoming artists in these playlists, you're in for a treat with Scorpion Child who've produced a proper classic rock summer anthem. Fantastic work.

What do you like or loathe? Let us know your reaction to this week's playlist in the comments.

Alice in Chains "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" (Album Sampler)

A generous 18 minutes of previews from their brand new album. What do you think?

YouTube preview picture

Serj Tankian, Devin Townsend & Friends as Revolution Harmony "We Are"

This song first appeared back in March, but it's about to be released a single where all the proceeds go to a charity that buys instruments for South African children.

YouTube preview picture

Arctic Monkeys "Do I Wanna Know?"

Brand new from the northern British rock band. You might have heard it live during their spring US tour, but if not, it'll appear on their as-yet-untitled fifth album which is out this year

YouTube preview picture

Queensryche "Queensryche" (Full Album)

The "original" Queensryche, sans singer Geoff Tate, have posted their entire new album for streaming. Tate founded his own version of the band with the same name, but their first album was panned by some listeners. What do you make of this one?

Biffy Clyro "Killing in the Name" (Rage Against the Machine cover)

As part of an anti-poverty concert, Biffy produced this bizarre acoustic cover of RATM's aggro-anthem "Killing in the Name."

YouTube preview picture

Scorpion Child "Liquor"

Excellent classic rock which borders on being a full-on summer anthem. And if you want to sing along, the lyrics are right there so you can join in.

YouTube preview picture

Letlive "Banshee"

A lively rap and metal hybrid in this L.A. four-piece whose new album "The Blackest" is out on July 9.

YouTube preview picture

What did you like most? Are Alice and Chains and Queensryche still on form? Let us know your reaction to this week's playlist in the comments.

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    Biffy have been covering Killing in the Name for years, there's a much better version out there where the crowd takes it upon themselves to fill in the absent "FUCK YOU"s.
    Letlive. are a five-piece. They are a post-hardcore band, not "rap metal hybrid". Their newest album is "The Blackest Beautiful" and it's streaming in full on Youtube if anyone wants to Google it, should be a pretty easy find. If you dig what you hear be sure to check out "Fake History" as it is imo a perfect hardcore record. ll.ove
    I think they technically are a four-piece at the moment, their drummer is only touring I think. He isn't in any of the promo material (other than the vid). I agree about fake history, can't wait 'til The Blackest Beautiful
    Dude. The new Queensryche singer. If you had told me it was Geoff Tate (and I didn't already know better), I'd have believed you.
    YES! I forgot for a moment that it wasn't even Geoff Tate when I listened to it.
    That Serj song is almost unlistenable. Artic Monkeys song was good and of course the new AIC is awesome. Low ceilings the best song on that album!
    All I heard was "Yarbleyarbleyarrrrbleyarbyarbyarble." And then shut off the song. Which is a shame... Because I love Devin Townsend and Ihsahn. I don't know if Serj was responsible for the lyric writing, or that Ray guy was, but whoever decided that rambling, yarbling mess was a good idea should not be allowed near lyrics again.
    I thought it was alright. My biggest problem with Serj's lyrics these days (since releasing Harakiri) is that he seems to ramble on. I know there's a lot of ground to cover if you're writing songs about injustice or politics, but his verses seem disjointed and not really fit for 4/4 rock. I think he's trying to blend in aspects of his jazz and classical experience from over the last decade. Hopefully he'll get it locked down soon.
    Is it just me or this new Monkeys single sounds like The White Stripes a little bit? Or even the Black Keys... love it, anyway.
    Sounds a little bluesy for sure. Maybe this is what White stripes would sound like if they had a kick ass bassist.
    As usual Alice in Chains is kicking ass with The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. It's also sounding like Queensryche is making a well needed comeback!
    When did bands start making tons of music video's with lyrics? Just looks cheesy to me.
    Something about Scorpion Child reminds me of Led Zeppelin. The drumming? The singer? The danceable rhythm? The women, alcohol, and 70's lettering? Yeah, that's probably it.
    letlives new album is called The Blackest Beautiful... also Arctic Monkeys new song is awesome can't wait for the whole album to drop
    Queensrche haven't been on form in a long time. I'm loving Scorpion Child though - great vocals and riffs.