New Music Playlist: Anthrax, Rob Zombie, David Bowie And More

We bring you the latest new music streams, including a bunch of exciting new underground acts worth your attention.

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Welcome to our latest roundup of new rock songs.

This week, Anthrax take on Rush with a cover of "Anthem", and we test the water with the new David Bowie track.

People either love or hate him, but it'll be interesting to hear which way you guy lean, so let us know in the comments.

Meanwhile, make sure you scroll down for lesser-known artists who made it onto our radar. One song in particular by Heaven's Basement really stands out - it's the first we've heard of them, but something about the sheer kinetic energy of the verses tells us they're going to make a big splash this year.

We also love the Brother Dege song, which is full to the brim with quality musicianship.

Let us know what you like or don't like in the comments. If you know of other great new tracks that we've missed, please do post them in the comments - we listen to every one, and if they fit the bill, they might appear in a future UG playlist.

Anthrax "Anthem" (Rush cover)

Thrash metal titans Anthrax take on this beloved Rush song. What do you think?

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Rob Zombie "Dead City Radio"

Zombie fans will love this typically hard-rocking new song from the rocker-come-director.

David Bowie "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)"

Okay, so Bowie isn't exactly from a head-banging breed of rockstars, but he's too big to ignore. It's still great to see his dedication to being a true artist and taking creative risks after so many years away from the limelight.

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Amplifier "Matmos"

Amplifier are one of the hardest-working bands in British rock, but for some reason never break through as a big international band. Which is a shame, because they write absolutely massive tunes. "Matmos" isn't the best song on their new album, but it'll give you a good idea of what they're all about.

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Heaven's Basement "I Am Electric"

High-energy hijinks from this exciting new rock band. Guitarist Sid Glover recently told Classic Rock "I want people to say, 'F--k, I haven't heard an album that's made me feel this pumped up in ages. I haven't seen a band with this much energy and go-f--k-yourself attitude.'" Sid, you've officially achieved your goal. Bravo.

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The Deafening "Death Rattle Rock N' Roll"

Yet another band pulls the "Hey, stop playing rock music in your bedroom so loud!" theme on this video. At least the Deafening do it with tongue in cheek.

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Brother Dege "Supernaut"

I don't know the first thing about bluegrass, but something about steel guitars always gives me the horn. It also pulls off a unique trick of being a big roomy foot-stamping song while still sounding laid back.

Thenewno2 "Never Too Late"

Now for something a little different: a chamber string quartet join Thenewno2 on this dreamy alt-pop song with a huge ending.

What do you think? Let us know what you think in the comments, and hit 'Like' to share this week's playlist to your friends.

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    I plead guilty for doubting of Bowie's return. "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" and "Where Are We Now?" have been stuck in my head since the first listen. Really looking forward to the album.
    This is why anthrax is one of my favorite bands. They always sound great.
    i'm going to see them in august, it would be cool if they played some covers
    You'll see a great show. I saw them in 2011 them deathangel and testament the best show I have ever seen. going to see them this spring on the metal alliance tour. I can't wait.
    It's so great to hear Joey sounding so young again, and Charlie playing the oriental riff from A Passage to Bangkok at the end!
    Dang, didn't think that Joey Belladonna could still hit the high notes. That was a pleasant surprise.
    Well if you're looking for new bands to post, I've got two suggestions.
    Alcest is barely a "new band", but excellent recommendation none the less. Neige is an outstanding composer.
    Why, Anthrax? Why?
    What, a metal band isn't allowed to cover a song by a band that they admired and were influenced by (AND influenced many notable bands to boot)?
    You have a Metallica photo, you could ask Kirk if he likes Alex Lifeson's playing or you could listen to la villa strangiato and see if you hear any similarities.