New Music Playlist: Baroness, Cult Of Luna, Hot Water Music

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New Music Playlist: Baroness, Cult Of Luna, Hot Water Music
Welcome to our new weekly playlist post, where we round up some new releases from band both new and old to inject some new blood into the UG news cycle. This is about expanding our rock horizons beyond the same old classic rock acts. We love those bands, but rock has such a vibrant community scene that it seems right to find new ways to bring even more music to the site. Most of all, we want your feedback on these artists. Which new acts do you like best? Have any established bands let you down? What genres do you want to hear more from? Your feedback is welcome in the comments, as usual. The format might change a little in the coming weeks, so stick with us. For now, here's some of our favorite new releases to be announced this week.

Wolf Alice "Fluffy"

Sounds like that 90s teen spirit vibe is alive and kicking. Wolf Alice are making big waves in London, and they haven't even released a proper EP yet. If you think those guitars rock, wait until you hear their smokey singer Ellie Rowsell kick in.

Baroness "March To The Sea"

Our favorite intellectual metalheads are still recovering from a serious bus crash last year, which could by why they're using live footage from a prior tour with Meshuggah for this new video.

Heaven The Axe "Enemy"

This new female-fronted hard rock band from Australia raised $30,000 from community sponsors to fund this video.

Hot Water Music "Remedy"

A live cut from their new concert recording "Live In Chicago" which was released on Monday. Update: Sorry, the original video isn't working. Here's an older take on the song instead.

Slough Feg "Sky Chariots"

Metal Blade Records have just signed this San Fransisco act who deal in thrash metal. Their three self-released albums will be bundled into one box set soon.

Cult Of Luna "I: The Weapon"

One of the greatest European metal bands of the modern age went into hiding for something like five years. Thankfully, they're back with this crushing new track.

My Dick "Fast Dick"

And now for something different. Spinner calls them "the greatest band in the world", and all they do is cover classic songs and replace key lyrics with the phrase "my dick". Brilliant.
What did you like most? Let us know in the comments, and share your latest musical discoveries.
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