New Music Playlist: Beady Eye, Bosnian Rainbows, Satan and More

Listen to the best new music streams from around the internet in our weekly playlist.

Ultimate Guitar

After a stellar two weeks, the new releases have suddenly been a little thin on the ground. But there's plenty to enjoy down there; Beady Eye might surprise you with some delightful drum sounds, Bosnian Rainbows have an triply delight in store for you and TesseracT continue to stun prog fans with tracks from their new album.

Elsewhere there's some great alternative rock and metal acts. Which do you like best? Let us know in the comments, and share links to other great new tracks that we might have missed in the comments.

Beady Eye "Second Bite of the Apple"

Most people know Liam Gallagher for being obnoxious in interviews - perhaps more than being the former Oasis frontman. But there's some cool production happening on this recording - try it out.

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Bosnian Rainbows "Turtleneck"

Former Mars Volta guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez has put all his focus on Bosnian Rainbows, a dreamy psych-pop group which was once just a side project.

Satan "Life Sentence" (Full Album)

We've only had a chance to hear the opening track, and it's already blowing minds. That opening riff is one hell of a way to catch a guitarist's attention.

TesseracT "Singularity"

Another full-length track to follow the awesome prog epic we shared on the playlist last week. Their new album "Altered State" sounds like a serious contender for underground prog release of the year.

Kylesa "Ultraviolet"

It's been too long since we heard some nice aggressive sludge/crust around here. This does a good job of satisfying our punk cravings - can anyone in the comments suggest any more?

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Into the Flood "Your Judgement is What Condemns You"

Metalcore. No messing around here: this is straight up gnarly riffage and growls the way it should be.

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That's the end of this week's playlist - what do you like or dislike, and can you share other great new streams? Let us know in the comments.

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    Glad to see Kylesa getting some much deserved recognition. Not to mention Laura is ****ing awesome :3
    Saw them live w/ Mastodon back on '09, absolutely blew me away, damn near stole the show and I had never even heard them before. This new album came out of nowhere, they just keep churning out material. I wasn't a huge fan of Spiral Shadow but this seems like a nice step forward.
    They're going to be nearish to me on I wanna say June 5th. So I'm going to try seeing if I can go see them then. Also speaking of Mastodon I missed getting to see them play with Dillinger Escape Plan and Red Fang which severely ticked me off....not so much for Dillinger Escape Plan. But more for the fact that I have an intense love for Red Fang but have yet to see them live once. I missed Red Fang the last time I had the opportunity to see them because I kinda sorta....smashed the side of my only form of transportation TO the show into a tree.
    How the hell did you smash the side of it into a tree? Too much hairpin drifting?
    I was driving and when I turned the car veered off to the side and hit the tree. I was actually going below the speed limit too when that happened.
    Really digging Beady Eye's new tune. I didn't enjoy the first album, so this kind of revives my hopes about Liam without Noel.
    his vocals are unique on this. also, great tempo, and melody.
    Indeed, Liam's obsession with letting go of the double tracks and effects on his voice apparently worked quite well and the instrumental is so beyond the generic rock that flows through most of Different Gear, Still Speeding.
    I was unsure about new Satan. A lot of these old bands coming back seem to be going for a cash grab of sorts. Im glad to be wrong, sounds like classic Satan
    this guy, and before I get swarmed with downvotes, no one said that I couldnt post rap videos.
    I dig Bosnian Rainbows I just really miss the Mars Volta... Noctourniquet was a great album.
    Ill probably get hate for this one, but meh. Its a guilty pleasure..great stuff.
    can you share other great new streams? Let us know in the comments. New stuff from The Wonder Years if anyone is interested in some pop-punk.
    Turtleneck's been floating around the internet for months...seeing them for the second time next week, they were incredible last time and got to meet Terri and Omar, truly awesome!!!