New Music Playlist: Black Sabbath, Stone Gossard, Brian May and More

We round up this week's best new music streams, including a shockingly bad protest song from an otherwise-beloved Brian May.

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Welcome to our weekly roundup of the best new music streams from around the web.

We've got an awesome new track from Black Sabbath to kick off this week's playlist. What do you think - are they still up to their old standards? Then we've got a solo track from Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard, which sounds totally unique in today's hard rock and metal landscape. Definitely worth your time, even if you're not usually into grunge.

We have to apologise for one track in advance. "Badger Swagger" is by Brian May who is protesting a planned badger cull in the UK. We understand that he has to appeal to the masses to get his message out, but to our tastes it's pretty awful. We're posting it as a discussion point, but honestly: we are so, so sorry. Otherwise, enjoy!

Black Sabbath "End of the Beginning"

Sabbath have released "13" to wide praise, but it's still hard to believe these legends are back after so long. Witness it for yourself in this new live recording.

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Stone Gossard "I Don't Want to Go to Bed"

Gossard sings and plays like he really means it. How do we describe this weird, angular breed of rock? It's like Pearl Jam had a Radiohead binge and wrote an experimental EP. Fantastic stuff.

White Wizzard "Strike the Iron"

I would make an effort to describe this is I wasn't head banging so hard. Gotta love that this band is flying the old metal flag.

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Beware of Darkness "Sweet Girl"

We haven't heard of this band, but they don't matter because we're totally in love with the girl singing along in the video right now.

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Graveltones "Catch Me on The Fly"

Lively garage rock in the vein of Jack White and the Hives.

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Brian May & Friends "Badger Swagger"

Queen guitarist Brian May calls upon respectable rocker Slash, plus some more dubious guests including some little-known rapper. Not our sort of thing, but we like to keep you abreast of the latest rock developments, whether they're good or not...

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What do you think? Which tracks do you like best? Let us know and post your own tips in the comments.

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    Can we get Reignwolf a mention in here maybe? He's a garage guy from Seattle, who has a super mean cover of The Chain. If any moderators read this, you should check him out.
    Sheep Shagger
    "Black Sabbath "End of the Beginning" ... Witness it for yourself in this new live recording." It's not a live recording. It's the studio version of the song. The video is the "unedited" version of the footage taped for their CSI appearance.