New Music Playlist: Coheed And Cambria, Eels, Orianthi

Hear the latest and greatest rock music from around the world. This week, Coheed And Cambria test the waters with some unusually fresh pop sounds.

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This week, Coheed And Cambria test the waters with unusually fresh new sounds, and there's some exciting new music coming from different corners of the globe.

As with last week, the better known acts are at the top, so make sure you scroll down to hear what lesser-known artists are up to.

What tracks do you like? Let us know in the comments and we'll take note to look out for their updates in the future.

Coheed And Cambria "Number City"

Coheed always sound creative and fresh, but this sounds like something different even for them - like some kind of future-pop vision. What do you think?

Eels "Wonderful, Glorious" (FULL ALBUM)

Hear the new Eels album in its entirety. The first song alone has enough odd production to keep you hooked throughout.

Orianthi "Heaven In This Hell"

Hard-rocking goddess Orianthi plays her single "Frozen" live on TV before the album "Heaven In This Hell" launches on March 12. Look out for some kick-a-s shredding around 2:40.

YouTube preview picture

Slasher "Overcome"

Bada-s Brazilian metallers Slasher present a relentless track from their second album "Katharsis", due in mid-2013.

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Threshold "Staring At The Sun"

This progressive metal band from Britain asked their fans to come up with an idea for their video - this is the winning entry.

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5th Sonic Brigade "Teacher"

Rock with a progressive twist from Sweden. This snippet is from their next single, due February 20.

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My Dying Bride "Poorest Waltz"

Gloomy metal and passionate singing from the UK. Look out for their upcoming EP "The Manuscript" which is being developed as we speak.

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Which acts did you enjoy most? Share your (constructive) feedback in the comments.

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    Coheed's whole body of work is underestimated I think. Certainly in terms of the thought and effort it must have taken. It's all incredibly honest and whether you like or not I think that should be respected at least.
    Coheed is one of the greatest and most versatile bands to come out in a long time.
    I hated Coheed more then anyone that I know. But Welcome Home hit me and I cannot stop listening to this band. I start to play the opening riff of Welcome and my wife starts groaning.... lol
    Have you ever seen them live? They can't even play pinch harmonics. I can't respect a musician who fakes their way through an album to make money.
    yeah i have seen them live! And it was even better than the record! I also have a live dvd of theirs. Both of which the harmonics came screaming through strong and clear like claudios guitar mastery.
    I'm the guy that goes to Coheed shows and screams "Play all the songs!" They're one band I can never get enough of.
    The members of Coheed are fantastic musicians and Claudio is a genius in my opinion with his song writing process
    I love how Coheed has evolved, you really can't expect to hear the same thing from them in terms of new material. Ascension is completely different to Descension and I love them for that! amazing song.
    Definitely a weird song from Coheed, but I'm way excited for their new album next week!
    Loving the new electronic stuff Coheed is doing on the Afterman, not the kind of thing you instantly love but it massively grows on you. They seem to have it sorted on songs like this and Subtraction than their first effort on YOTBR. Love it
    "Hard-rocking goddess Orianthi plays her single "Frozen" live on TV before the album "Heaven In This Hell" launches on March 12. Look out for some kick-a-s shredding around 2:40." Nothing that hasn't been done a million times before. The only reason she's even getting any attention is because she's a hot chick who plays guitar.
    Agreed. That whole song has been done a million times already, but at the solo i basically face-palmed and turned it off. Also, the coheed track was very interesting (and im waiting desperately for the release date so i can get my signed copy ) My dying bride is one i never heard of, but im going to find some more of their music.
    What you wrote is nothing that chaps jealous of her haven't said a million times on the internet before, either. I didn't particularly like the song, although it is better than the absolute crap on her last record. It is just that the hating went over the top two years ago. Quite frankly, she is not hot at all. In fact she is very average at best. She is a pretty damn good player, though even that is too much to admit for some. I do wish she would stick to it. Maybe landing the AC gig is just too much to handle for some or whatever - Haters gonna hate I suppose.
    I feel as though Ascension had some better songs, where as Descension had a much better flow through the whole album. Both are fantastic pieces of work though.
    I feel the exact opposite. I think Ascension flows much better, while Decension has some absolutely stand out tracks (Gravity's Union, anyone?).
    I wasn't impressed by much except for that Eels track. I agree with the song comment. It's channeling some good old Tom Waits here and there.
    Probably gonna sound like a total fanboy, but it's so awesome to see Coheed develop the way they have. Grew up with that band, and everything they do inspires me so much.
    So happy to see eels getting some recognition, their (his) whole body of work is so well crafted,superb songwriting and all completely different but distinctly his. What's more is he puts on a damn good live show!
    Yay! New Eels! Fuckin love this band... Its like Tom Waits meets Flaming lips meets ween.
    Meets Modest Mouse! Blinking Lights and Other Revelations is one of the most beautiful albums ever
    No Biffy Clyro? I know it's USA release isn't until somewhere in march, but their new album is just absolutely brilliant.
    Eels FTW! That's a great song. Coheed wins me over eventually, but something about their vocals turn me off the first time I hear any of their songs. Not sure what that's about, but their music is fantastic.
    I felt like the new Coheed record is a little disappointing. Not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but just doesn't seem as solid as Ascension. Still, glad to see them get mentioned. They really deserve some publicity!
    I'm gonna have to disagree. As good as Ascension is, I think Descension will end up being better. Although in the big picture, I think comparing the two is totally missing the point. As far as I'm concerned, (and in terms of the concept) they're 2 parts of the same album. Either way, it's a ton of killer music from what I consider easily one of the best, most original and creative bands of the last 10-15 years.
    No, I agree there. And Descension sounds exactly like the other half of Ascension. It complements well. But with that it has the mostly slower, more brooding songs, as opposed to the totally rocking first half. I guess what I mean is that I probably won't listen to Descension as much by itself as I have been with Ascension.
    The Threshold Video has some really awkward moments. The weird looks at 2:10 - 2:37 cracked me up XD I like the song though.
    I still don't like anything here in particular, but it's nice to see a little less br00t4l list, even it's really not any better.