New Music Playlist: Dillinger Escape Plan, Prince, Jon Gomm and More

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New Music Playlist: Dillinger Escape Plan, Prince, Jon Gomm and More
Welcome to our weekly playlist of the best new music streams. First of all, what's with all the preview streams? We like hearing full tracks, and so do the readers. If you're ever promoting a song online, just give the full song away - you certainly won't put off any potential fans with more music. There's a few surprises in store today. Who'd have thought Prince would be such a rock legend with his new heavy version of "Let's Go Crazy?" And Jon Gomm, the solo guitarist who went viral with his song "Passionflower" last year, is back with a cover of Chaka Khan that will make the hairs on your neck stand up. Further down there's probably the best selection of lesser-known acts that we've posted in a while, and from plenty of corners of the rock world. Everyone will find something to enjoy down there, so take the time to check them all out. Let us know what you like or not in the comments, and feel free to share links to great new music for us to potentially include in a future playlist. Enjoy!

Dillinger Escape Plan "One of Us is the Killer" (Album Preview)

Clips from their entire new album. Some hardened fans were disappointed in their last song which sounded like a rehash of old ideas, but it sounds like the full album pushes the hardcore metal boat further than ever

Prince "Let's Go Crazy"

How did Prince come up with such a ridiculously heavy version of this song? It's actually pretty darn good, so give it a chance if you're into live rock with a stoner edge.

Jon Gomm Feat. Daniel Tompkins "Ain't Nobody" (Chaka Khan)

One of the most inventive acoustic guitarists in the world is back with a stunning Chaka Khan cover along with an impressive guest singer.

Monster Truck "Sweet Mountain River"

"We wanted to make sure it would take the listener on a fun ride," said guitarist Jeremy Widerman. Hell yeah man, consider that a success.

Beware of Darkness "Howl"

If you like blues, you're going to love this new band. A big fuzzy sound and a singer who looks to Jack White for inspiration make this the full package.

Deerhunter "Monomania"

A bit of lo-fi garage rock. Mind the video if you're epileptic, it's a bit flashy.

Tesseract "Altered State 2" (Preview)

Preview clips aren't cool, but this clip of their prog-tastic new album is worth sharing anyway.

Blacklisters "Clubfoot by Kasabian"

This is the sound of new punk. They're one of Britain's best-kept secrets, and this is one of their best songs too. The video is really damn weird, but they're destined to be an all-time classic in the genre.

Arsis "Unwelcome"

Death metal with no compromise, due for release in North America on April 30.
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