New Music Playlist: Dillinger, Vista Chino, Pelican and More

Listen to our roundup of the latest music streams from across the web. Warning, there's boobies on show this week!

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Who have the craziest live show on the planet right now? If you ask me, Dillinger Escape Plan always put on the most wild performances of the past decade, and their new video showcases this from the frontline. Essential viewing if you've never seen them live.

Further down, you'll have to be careful where you view the Asking Alexandria video with all those strippers in vending machines. And the mighty Pelican are back with a brooding instrumental track which will blow you away if you've got a little patience.

The ex-Kyuss lineup is back too, this time as Vista Chino after ex-member Josh Homme banned them from using their original band name without him.

Let us know what you think of this week's playlist in the comment section. Enjoy!

Dillinger Escape Plan "Hero of the Soviet Union"

Dillinger consistently put on some of the wildest live shows in the world right now, and this video does a great job of capturing the action.

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Vista Chino "Barcelonian"

Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme started his musical career in the legendary Kyuss lineup. Two decades later, he was shutting down their attempts to re-record under the Kyuss name. Here's their first stream since rebranding as Vista Chino.

Pelican "Immutable Dusk"

One of the mightiest instrumental bands ever, but they're so off-radar that we're leaping at the opportunity to publish them here on UG. Incredible.

Asking Alexandria "The Death of Me" [NSFW]

Be warned if you're at work, there's boobies on show here. Great work from the British metal core act who are releasing their third album "From Death to Destiny" soon.

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Baroness "Live at Maida Vale"

It's great to see the Baroness lineup back in action after their shocking bus crash last year, which forced several members out of the band for good. Here's their latest BBC Radio session.

Yuck "Rebirth"

Yuck's last album shows how great this band used to be - sadly their frontman Daniel Blumberg left, and the've continued with Max Bloom on vocals who isn't as strong. But it ain't all bad - see what you think here.

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What do you think of this week's playlist? Let us know what you like, love and have found elsewhere in the comments.

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    What are you guys smoking? D.E.P, Pelican, Vista Chino and Baroness all kick ass. ...Okay, I don't know what's happened to Baroness, I'm honestly shocked at their latest efforts. But still.
    I saw "Blah, blah, Pelican, blah, blah, blah".
    Ditto. The moment I saw the link, the entire main page became a void except for that link. The track in question is unmistakably Pelican, and I have to say it is quite good.
    at least you guys know Pelican I know no one IRL that's heard of Pelican, or any of the other artists on Southern Lord records.
    Flying Afros
    Only my roommate and a few random dudes I've ran into at festivals and metal shows give me a shout when they see me wearing a Pelican shirt.
    Never listened to Dillinger Escape Plan before, i guess theres no time like the present!
    the autotune is strong with AA. not a band id pay to see live (his drunkenness is too much) but i like the direction they seem to be going in based on this. might pick it up
    Dillinger and Pelican are the only good bands on this playlist.
    Baroness is well worth a listen too and I have to be honest I thought Asking Alexandria's slightly new sound was miles better than their previous stuff.
    It's still generic as possible. Here, theyre trying to be like a Three Days Grace radio friendly rock band. I heard the previews of the new album. Not impressed.
    Vista Chino is really good, I was really hesitant about Kyuss without Josh but it's still good.
    The whole album is amazing. Granted no one can replace Josh Homme when it comes to Kyuss (they're still Kyuss to me) but their new guitarist does really well on this. Though the intro to the last song sounds like it was played through a pedal whose battery was dying and it started to sound really fuzzy (and not the good kind of fuzzy)