New Music Playlist: Dream Theater, QOTSA and More

Hear the brand new song from from prog legends Dream Theater, plus a full Queens of the Stone Age performance at Lollapalooza and more.

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Welcome to our weekly roundup of the latest rock music streams from across the web.

This week, Dream Theater make their long-awaited comeback - progressive metal at its best or not? Elsewhere, Queens of the Stone Age have an awesome live recording of their Lollapalooza set, and we really like the debut album from hard rock trio Star & Dagger - see what you think in the playlist below.

Dream Theater "The Enemy Inside"

Dream Theater's long awaited return after founding drummer Mike Portnoy left a few years ago. Lots of energy to this comeback - do you think it lives up to their usual high standards.

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James LaBrie "Back on the Ground"

While we're on the Dream Theater topic, here's their frontman with a song from his third solo album "Impermanent Resonance" which is available in stores this month.

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Queens of the Stone Age at Lollapalooza [Live]

Queens' "...Like Clockwork" was a big hit around those parts, so it's great to get a chance to see them play it live at Lollapalooza. Here's a newly released stream of the full set.

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Monster Magnet "The Duke (of Supernature)"

Monster Magnet don't get much coverage around here, but they've been going for years and still beloved by many. This is from their forthcoming album "Last Patrol."

Star & Dagger "Tomorrowland Blues" [Full Album]

An excellent debut from this trio of hard rock vixens. Some of you may have spotted bassist Sean Yseult in the White Zombie lineup too.

Steve Cradock "Sheer Inertia"

Interesting psychedelic britpop from this former Ocean Colour Scene and Paul Weller guitarist. It'll appear on his new album "Travel Wild - Travel Free" in late September.

What do you think of today's tracks? Let us know in the comments, and share your top music tips.

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    Wow, not sure how I missed the new MM coming.... Dig the new track. Can't wait to hear the rest.
    Oh, and as expected, QotSA kill as usual... Hope they come back for a proper NYC gig soon!
    I know it got a separate news item yesterday, but that's the only reason I can think of why it's not included here.
    Dream Theater's "The Enemy Inside" wasn't one of their best works for me, but it's still in their... atmosphere and I'm pretty confident the album will be awesome, especially with another 20+ min multi-part song.
    I was at Lolla for QOTSA. It was awesome! Though some of the new songs are a little...awkward to sing along with. I can't quite explain it. Still an awesome show though, they played a ton of Songs for the Deaf stuff, too! ...and I think I Lost My Headache. what a trip.
    New DT is sick...More like Djent Theater though, is Petrucci playing a 7 string?
    I don't think you know what djent is....
    Masta' Exploda'
    There is a djent influence in the main riff of the song, but the song itself isn't a djent song.
    How? Djent is usually characterized by syncopated/ployrhythmic grooves played over a standard 4/4 pulse. How is doing 16th note palm muted gallops djent? People are getting out of control with that term. Anytime a band uses some midrange in their tone people call it "djent." Sigh.....
    im with you. the riff at :40 for sure has a djent-y feel. its not a "definitive" djent riff, but anyone who says "THATS NOT DJENT WHATAREYOUTALKINGABOUT?!" needs to stop trying to categorize everything
    Ya you're totally right, and when mozart used to throw in a a few syncopated notes he was totally djenting too!!! Seriously, the most overused word in music right now. Also by saying it has a "djenty feel" YOU are attempting to categorize it. People telling you its not djent are actually trying NOT to apply categories to it. Food for thought.
    The Devil Wears Prada - Martyrs would like to know what you guys think of their new songs, and the new Trivium song.
    Can't wait for the new DT album, the single is awesome and even the new James LaBrie single isn't that bad!
    Yeah, more Petrucci solos for me to TRY to play. I hope they're as fast and technical as his previous work while at the same time maintaining his signature feel like in his solos in Octavarium, Lines in the Sand, and The Best of Times(my personal favorite of his).