New Music Playlist: Fall Out Boy, Queensryche, the Melvins and More

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There aren't many off-radar bands on the list this week, but there's some big hitters who are back after time out in the studio.

Queensryche (that's the older version with the original backing band, not the new one with just Geoff Tate) have posted a full song with new singer Todd La Torre, and chart-busting pop kings Fall Out Boy are back. The Melvins have posted another cover song, this time with their take on one of the best Queen songs ever (just our opinion, but we did list it as their best in our official UG Queen top 10 a couple of years ago).

Further down there's some super heavy entrants from lesser known bands, but as usual we'd love to hear your tips for great music in the comments. Share links and your thoughts on the latest streams this week in the comments.

Fall Out Boy "The Phoenix"

Big and poppy, but that's how Fall Out Boy fans like it. Their new album is out in mid-April, and features Courtney Love and Elton John, believe it or not.

YouTube preview picture

Queensryche "Redemption"

This is the Todd La Torre version of Queensryche which features the original backing band, and not the Geoff Tate version. Oh man, this whole arrangement is so confusing.

YouTube preview picture

The Melvins "You're My Best Friend" (Queen cover)

A cute little pocket organ-fuelled cover of the Queen classic, from the Melvins' album of covers "Everybody Loves Sausages" due on April 30.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Sacrilege"

We've posted this song before, but here's the official video which just came out that features that ginger model who seems to be in magazines all the time.

YouTube preview picture

True Fallacy "Message"

Proper industrial metal. How often do you hear that these days?

YouTube preview picture

Satan "Siege Mentality"

Old-school style heavy metal from the UK. They have a new album out on May 21 in the US, though European fans get to buy it in late April.

YouTube preview picture

Immolation "Kingdom Of Conspiracy"

Dark and aggressive death metal which apparently deals with "the slow unraveling and breakdown of our societies and the systems and structures behind them." Obviously.

YouTube preview picture

What do you think? Share your ratings in the comments, and post your best new music tips for a chance to get in the UG playlist next week.

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    Glad to see the likes of The Melvins and Yeah Yeah Yeahs for once, it'd be nice if UG could get away from being so metal-centric. Other genres are pretty cool, after all.
    Totally! The Melvins are heavier than most metal bands anyway.
    Apparently, you need to stop listening to the radio "metal" bands, if you think that the Melvins are heavier than most metal bands. 90% of Metal bands are heavier than the Melvins.
    Ughh you're just one of those people who needs to argue with everyone for attention I guess huh? It's my opinion... "heavy" is a very subjective term. I find The Melvins music to be insanely heavy... and most of my favorite bands ARE "metal" bands. I think of The Melvins as like a post-punk, art-rock later version of Black Sabbath - slow, crushing, uneasy music with a little sense of humor. They don't look like a metal band necessarily or write lyrics like a typical metal band but I LOVE that about them. I don't listen to radio metal bands because I don't like them. I gave up on "radio music" literally 2 decades ago, kiddo. Judging people and assuming things about them makes you sound desperate and a little sad. Guess what's more fun then blindly arguing with people, judging them and putting them down? HAVING A DISCUSSION.
    The Melvins is ****ing awesome. One of the most prolific bands of the late 80's/90's.
    Man! I'm so glad to hear that new Fall Out Boy track. I thought I'd never hear good rock music again...
    I like fall out boys new single, it'll be interesting to see what else is on the album.
    It's good pop music. I hope they have some guitar driven songs on the album but I'm keeping an open mind.
    I up voted you because there was no reason for someone to down vote you in the first place. I will say that the new song is actually really fun to play if you transpose some of the strings to guitar.
    "Big and poppy, but that's how Fall Out Boy fans like it." are you serious? huge fall out boy fan here, but i cannot stand their new songs.
    Just realized the intro to that new Fall out boy track is Ill manors by Plan B (which itself is sampled from a German rapper called Peter Fox) That sample is almost as popular as that "sometimes I get a good feeling" sample that was infar too many songs last year.
    The Melvins :3 didn't know they were releasing a covers album. Those Satan guys sound exactly like Volbeat.