New Music Playlist: Flaming Lips, Courtney Love, Halestorm

Plus some great underground music from new acts who made a mark this week. Which are the best and worst new releases this week?

Ultimate Guitar

Where did this sudden trend of covering "Bohemian Rhapsody" come from? First Tool singer Maynard James Keenan covers it with his side-project Puscifer (and fails, by several accounts). Now The Flaming Lips have had a go too. It's nothing stellar, but worth posting for discussion.

Courtney Love gets little praise from the UG audience, so her collaboration with R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe might impress you if you're into folk music, and Halestorm are still riding high after their Grammy success this week - can they keep it up?

As usual, the coolest music is further down and from alternative acts who deserve your attention. ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead are back on form after a disappointing period during the mid-2000s, and there's some other new acts who we've never heard until this week that sound original in their own ways.

Let us know what you like and don't like in the comments - and if you think we missed any special new music this week, post a link in the comments or fire an email to tom.davenport (at) for a chance to appear in a future playlist. Onward!

The Flaming Lips "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Following Puscifer's frankly lacklustre attempt at this Queen classic, Wayne Coyne takes a stab at it too. Lots of fuzz, and far from perfect, but not bad for a mere mortal.

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Halestorm "Freak Like Me"

Fresh from winning Best Hard Rock/Metal performance at the Grammys, Halestorm release this new song about their whirlwind of touring travels over the past year. Maybe a little mainstream for some tastes. Do you think they deserve all the Grammy attention?

Tomahawk "Oddfellows"

We posted the full album on a previous playlist, but this awesomely creepy video for their first single is worth seeing. And considering the lineup is made of some of the raddest alt-rock musicians ever, you've got to take every chance to hear Tomahawk material.

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Courtney Love & Michael Stipe "Rio Grande"

Believe it or not, this doesn't completely suck. I mean, it's nothing to shout from the hills about, but if you're open to a bit of folk music then this track from Johnny Depp's new pirate album has a classic recording vibe.

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...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead "Lost Songs"

If you remember a time before emo hit the mainstream and it still had solid roots in Washington D.C.-style post-hardcore, you're probably a fan of this cult band. If not, listen to this, then buy their first few albums which are even better. Seriously, they're great.

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Restavrant "Yeah, I Carve Cheetahs"

Interesting new lo-fi Americana from an act who have toured with the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Proof that great rock just needs energy and groove.

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The Gates Of Slumber "Death March"

Sludgy stoner metal here, so turn up your bass dial. It's ironic really, because they formed in 1998 as a backlash against the other stoner acts - these guys stood out because of their Black Sabbath influence. Pretty dark.

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Pure X "Things In My Head"

Now to wind things down with some dreamy psychedelic country music. Their new album "Crawling Up The Stairs" is out in May.

Which songs did you like? Can you share your own music tips? Let us know about them in the comments.

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    "Courtney Love gets little praise from the UG audience"... I don't know, yesterday I posted Hole was my fave grunge band and I expected to be downvoted to the 7th level of Hades, but got 6 upvotes. I could care less about her "personality" or her exploits, I just love Hole.
    I Agree, Thank you. Finally somebody actually isnt bashing her. What the hell did she do to any of you? And if we kept our faces out of Famous People's life's in general we wouldnt feel such hatred perhaps for them. Whats so perfect about any of us as well? Their people too, and really who cares about their personal s*** thats their personal business, if you like the music you like the music.
    Halestorm makes good music. No matter what others say, they deserve that award.
    Tomahawk and Restavrant the most relevant entries IMO. PS. The Gates Of Slumber could be also in there but i didn't really like the song.
    I'm all for free speech but anytime I see Courtney Love's name I suddenly wish it were banned on this website, maybe Ted Nugent too - Dave Mustaine I can live with because he actually has some relevance on this site (when it's music related).
    What are you saying, that Courtney Love and Ted Nugent don't play guitars? Tabloid stuff from any artist isn't really relevant here, but I don't see how you can say one musician is more relevant than another to a website that features guitar tabs, etc. Sure, he's probably more relevant to your interests, as well as half of the commenters here, but I don't think you realize that most of the traffic to this site is for classic rock and pop music. It's only really in the news articles and the people who comment on them where you see a real dominance of metal here.
    So a couple of weeks ago you posted good things about the Puscifer Bo Rap and now its lacklustre?? Make your mind up. Oh, and Freak like me isn't new. Not in the slightest.
    You could have Courtney Love singing on record with Corey Taylor, Bruce Dickinson and Maynard James Keenan all on the same song and I would still avoid it like the plague just so I didn't have to listen to that bitch Let's stop posting Courtney Love news on here please. If it's not obvious that nobody gives a toss about her by now, I don't know what is
    I saw Halestorm on the Carnival of Madness tour and they kicked ass, they deserve that award 100%
    I like that Tomahawk song and the video, it's really creepy. One of only a few music videos from this century that has managed to hold my attention.
    The more I listen to Halestorm, I can't help but think they only got somewhere from the attractive female lead singing about sex and drugs. If it was a big burly man singing the same lyrics, would you really be as interested? Their sound isn't exactly watered down, but it's nothing new and exciting.
    Halestorm are kickass live, but their studio stuff doesn't do a lot for me. I mostly just enjoy looking at Lizzy Hale.
    the new tomahawk album has been so overlooked its ridiculous ive loved them since their debut but they've never really got much attention
    Michael Stipes and Courtney Love....2 of my alltime favorites!.....NOT.....I just found a new level of LOW.....