New Music Playlist: Ghost, Dillinger Escape Plan, Deep Purple And More

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New Music Playlist: Ghost, Dillinger Escape Plan, Deep Purple And More
Welcome to our weekly playlist of hot new tracks that caught our attention. You'd be amazed at how many new tracks came our way this week. As usual, we're kicking things off with better-known bands - The Dillinger Escape Plan release is interesting because they've been claiming the next album will be their heaviest ever. Their old albums would contend for that crown already, so check out the new track to see what you think. Deep Purple are also back with their first new material in eight years. Further down are the alternative acts which would never usually get an chance to appear in front of UG readers via the usual news feeds. They're all great, but Kadavar and Anciients both stand out as ones to watch. Let us know what you like in the comments, and try to share your own music tips and links for us to browse for next week's list.

Ghost "Year Zero"

Ghost had to change their band name for legal reasons, but everyone is still calling them Ghost anyway so we're going to roll with it. Does it deserve to sit at the top of this list? Maybe not, but they wear pope clothes and therefore get a lot of media attention. So here they are. Whatever you think of the music, it's great to hear something really original that can't be categorised so easily.

Dillinger Escape Plan "Prancer"

Dillinger blend cues from the best moments of their old discography in this new track. Some might call it rehashing, others might call it a terrifying improvement on their bizarre brand of hardcore punk. We think it's awesome.

Deep Purple "All The Time In The World"

This video shows off material from their 19th album "Now What?!", due in late April. It's their first release in eight years, and the first since legendary keyboardist Jon Lord died.

Clutch "Crucial Velocity"

Clutch always know how to rock, but if there were any doubt, here they are rocking a Sin City-inspired lyric video. This track drips with attitude.

Skineater "Dismatled"

Frantic and frightening death metal from Sweden. Where else, eh?

Kadavar "Doomsday Machine"

Imagine stoner rock were recorded in the 1970s. Sound good already, huh? Now click play and prove yourself right.

Anciients "Faith And Oath"

Boy, are we pleased to discover this. Really interesting blend of progressive and death metal with great melodies and really intelligent structure. Great work.

Vext "Maid Of Gold"

Fresh from supporting Deftones in New Jersey, Vext have some really rad guitar tones on show here and features a guest solo by Doc Coyle of God Forbid.
What do you think? Let us know which your favorites are in the comments.
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