New Music Playlist: Iggy Pop, Saxon, Pineapple Thief And More

We bring you the best new music streams this week, including some classic acts who still fly the rock flag and some great new prog tracks.

Ultimate Guitar

How is it that artists like Iggy and The Stooges and Saxon can keep rocking and putting younger acts to shame after decades? Lots of bands burn out long before then, but the ones that last sure know how to make classic music.

Elsewhere we have quite a prog-inspired list this week. The Pinapple Thief are back with a pretty accessible entry (for a prog track, anyway) and we're introducing Humanfly who are streaming their new album in its entirety down at the bottom. Humanfly are part of the exciting Leeds music scene, which is a pocket of England which goes completely underrated in mainstream press - look out for it.

Let us know what you like in the comments, and if you have tips of your own be sure to share them - they might make it into a future list.

Iggy And The Stooges "Burn"

The Stooges were punk before punk was even invented, and this song proves they're still flying the garage rock flag with pride and integrity.

Saxon "Sacrifice"

These fellas have released 20 albums, so they know what proper metal is all about. Notice at 1m 45s how the guitarist literally kicks dust in the face of lesser bands.

YouTube preview picture

The Pineapple Theif "Build A World"

Catchy prog-rock from an EP of the same name, due on March 25.

YouTube preview picture

Bring Me The Horizon "Antivist"

They might have parted ways with guitarist Jona Weinhofen, but the band will be back in force on their fourth album "Sempiternal" on April 2.

Humanfly "Awesome Science"

Leeds in England has one of the coolest underground rock scenes in the western world, and Humanfly are on the frontline with their label Brew Records. Try their entire new prog-infused album here.

Thanks for listening. What did you like? Let us know in the comments.

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    Dammit guize, Alvin Lee dies and this is the top item? God forbid someone clicked on that article and discovered some great music. Apparently Ted Nugent and Axl Rose yapping about as usual is a lote more interesting than honoring a guitar legend... on Ultimate Guitar :\
    Personally, if Bring Me The Hairspray had stuck with the style of their first album and progressed from there, I think that they would have become much better. Even if they still didn't turn out to be that great, they at least would not have gotten nearly as much hate as they do at this point.
    Their 3rd album was their greatest effort to date, getting praise from artists like Rob Halford himself. If you actually listened to what they had to offer, you would have noticed several songs to have complex song structures as well as just nice grooving metalcore. Although their first two albums completely sucked and they were able to keep their maturity on this new album, it wasn't as good as their 3rd, but they know they didn't want to go back to the same writing style for their firs 2 releases.
    Guys have you seen Ug's usual turn around news rate? it'll be months before Alvin Lee is on the front page!"
    Glad to see the Pineapple Thief getting a bit of recognition, their new album was really good and the new EP looks decent too
    The new BMTH album is actually amazing. People will hate it just because it's BMTH, but there are so many different elements in this new record. Great stuff. Cue the downvotes.
    I actually like BMTH, but I thought the new album was pretty bad. And this is coming from someone who didn't totally hate There Is a Hell. I agree, there are a lot of different elements on the new record; I just don't think they added up to more than a couple decent songs.
    People hate it because they hate how that entire genre has become ridiculous, and BMTH epitomizes that. Also, their songs might actually be decent, if it wasn't for their singer. Ugh...
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    Is it me or have Saxon gotten heavier as they've got older? I mean, some of their newer stuff could be written by Testament... Either way, they're still on top of their game, and Biff's still one of the best singers in metal.
    BMTH song sounds like a massive tantrum over metalcore music. Which it is.
    Humnafly reminds me of Mastodon, mainly due to the vocalist. Great song
    Humanfly sounds like a softer version of Isis... and i like it. PS. Right now im listening to Backlit (Isis song) and both songs have the same feeling.