New Music Playlist: Joe Satriani, Jimmy Eat World, Black Dahlia Murder and More

Stream the best new rock songs from around the web with our weekly playlist. There's a flavor for everyone in here - which one do you like?

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Welcome to our weekly playlist of the best new rock music streams from around the web.

Joe Satriani is back with the first single from his forthcoming album, and emo legends Jimmy Eat World have posted the first preview from their new album which has been recorded exclusively to analog tape. It's great to hear more of this trend of recording to tape like the classic records, which is something Dave Grohl has been pushing with his great "Sound City" movie.

Further down we have some insanely heavy music for you; Immolation and F--king Invincible showcase two songs from opposite ends of the heavy spectrum, one being death metal and one being hardcore punk. Which flavor do you prefer?

For those who prefer their musical meat with a tender middle, try the streams from Daylight or Wolf Alice which both bring back memories of the '90s in a good way.

Let us know what you enjoy most in the comments, and as always, we love to hear your new music tips in the comments so feel free to share YouTube links.

Joe Satriani "A Door Into Summer"

The first single from his new album "Unstoppable Momentum" which is due on May 7. Catch this YouTube preview before his label takes it down, they seem to be playing whack-a-mole with these streams at the moment.

YouTube preview picture

Jimmy Eat World "I Will Steal You Back"

The emo kings return with this preview from their new album "Damage" which will be out on June 11. They've done a Dave Grohl manoeuvre and recorded the whole thing to analog tape, which gives the recording a great live vibe.

YouTube preview picture

The Black Dahlia Murder "Into the Everblack"

Finally they tackle the tragic murder story that inspired their band name. "This one is for the fans. They've been asking for this to happen for a long time," says vocalist Trevor Strand.

Ghost B.C. "Monstrance Clocks"

The first single from their new album sounds pretty good, but the full album stream promoted mixed reviews from UG readers. What do you think?

Immolation "Indoctrinate"

Another stream of flawless death metal from their ninth album "Kingdom Of Conspiracy" due on May 14.

YouTube preview picture

Daylight "Youngest Daughter"

Great post-hardcore that could have come straight from the year 2000. Guitarist and songwriter Taylor Madison says it's about his youngest sister who is battling heroin addiction at the age of only 19.

Memory Garden "Daughters of the Sea"

Heavy metal with big tenor vocals. Watch out Queensryche!

Wolf Alice "Bros"

Not as cool as their Nirvana inspired single "Fluffy," but this band are rising fast in the UK and certainly ones to watch as a big name for the future.

F--king Invincible "Downtown is Dead"

Traditional hardcore punk from Providence, Rhode Island. The singer used to be in Daughters who were probably one of the heaviest punk bands on the planet until splitting a few years ago.

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    The Black Dahlia Murder just keep getting better, although I'm betting that 'Into the Everblack' is more of a straight-forward song than some of the others on the album. I'm prepared for the album to blow my mind.
    I'm loving the Joe Satriani and Ghost songs, and that Black Dahlia Murder track is fantastic. I really need to listen to more of their stuff I guess.
    The new Satriani cover art is probably my favorite of his since Surfing with the Alien, that new Ibanez model he has is sexy.
    Yeah. I like the red pickups. Makes me feel better about having yellow pickups on my Ibanez.
    Since when are Jimmy Eat World emo? And legends of said genre/style? Legends yes. But legends of another genre? Aye?
    Great new satch song. Can't wait for the album. Memory Garden!!! Wow, it's about time for some Metal with someone that sings.
    He has a style and formula just like any other guitarist. He's one of the most successful solo guitarists to not have been in a band to jump start his name. He's about simplistic melodic catchiness; not masturbatory shredding and acrobatics. It works for him and his fans. Plus, Marco Sfolgli, as good as he is, sounds like every other prog metal guitarist.
    Feelin' that solid Black Dahlia groove that just keeps getting progressively tighter over the years!
    Jimmy Eat World is an emo band, guys. Have you listened to "Clarity?" It's second wave emo. And this is coming from someone who loves ALL their albums. They are my favorite band.
    I'm not going to try to argue that they're emo because you can't really argue someone into a genre. There are probably hundreds of publications, websites, etc. that refer to them as an emo band, though. In my opinion, that makes it OK to refer to them as an emo band. I can send you some of these websites if you'd like.
    I know this is a guitar website, and I know I will get hell for this, but what is the appeal with Satriani? Can someone explain it to me? I know stuff like that takes skill but to me it just all sounds so corny. It sounds like the awful music you get in the background of video game menus or something. Anyway, some great stuff here, plenty of interesting new music for me to go on a youtube adventure tonight!
    I could explain. But, that won't change your outlook on Satch anyway. So what's the point? Okay, okay....quick answer: His catchy, simplistic, melodic phrasing all wrapped up in a clean player-package.
    I think it's more for guitar playing people...or at least that's who would appreciate it more. I wouldn't expect a casual music listener to really care for him either. I get your point.
    Lol you just proved to me this site is about 80% people who pretend to like guitar but really just like the aesthetic of playing one. If you guys think this is "background music" man that is sad
    Some people like the music in the background of video game menus perhaps? He's got some songs that have such great melodies that I can listen to them just like any non instrumental song, I'll admit however that when I listen to his stuff it's usually just in the background whilst doing uni work of something
    Heard Jimmy Eat World's yesterday. Pretty good. I've never gotten in The Black Dahlia Murder but I heard that the other day. Really good stuff. I like the new drummer.
    Wolf Alice are ****ing amazing; keep an eye on them, they will break out in the coming years.
    Already have the new Satch album paid for. Really looking forward to it.
    Really like the cover art of the new Satriani album. The song is catchy but I hope the album contains more experimental songs.
    If only that song from Downtown is Dead was just a bit longer. Vocalist sounds like Mike Hranica but 100x better.