New Music Playlist: Kings of Leon, Pearl Jam and More

Listen to the latest and greatest new music from around the web. This week sees the return of Kings of Leon - can they keep on top?

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Welcome to this week's roundup of new music from across the internet.Kings of Leon are back, which means the radio will soon be pumped full of their next generation of hits (and whether you like the band or not, all that rock on the airwaves is a good thing). Pearl Jam and Queensryche have new tracks too, but as usual it's the alternative bands who sometimes have the most interesting new music. Check them out below.

Kings of Leon "Supersoaker"

The Kings of modern rock are back with their new album "Mechanical Bull" on September 24. "The pressure was really off. We were our own bosses there were no bills because we bought the studio ourselves; there was no timeframe when it had to be done by," says guitarist Matthew Followill. Sounds like it paid off.

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Pearl Jam "Mind your Manners"

UG readers are currently voting on their favorite Pearl Jam song ever - will this one have a chance of making the top 10? Maybe not, but it's great to see the band return with new music.

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Queensryche "Fallout"

This is the Todd La Torre fronted version of the band. (Who else is seriously tired of all that battle over the name?) La Torre proves he's a worthy frontman for the band, even if he does sound ridiculously similar to Geoff Tate.

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Moreland & Arbuckle "Tall Boogie"

Excellent blues rock. There's nothing like a massive drum sound tinged with overdriven vocals and guitar.

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Reuben Archer's Personal Sin "Play My Rock 'n' Roll"

There's some massive guitar work on this track, props to Stampede guitarist Rob Wolverson who plays on this one. Wow.

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What are your favourite tracks this week? Let us know your reaction and new music tips in the comments.

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    Is it just me, or is that Moreland & Arbuckle song amazing? Something about blues rock makes my rocks blue
    Always been pretty meh about Kings of Leon, but I really dug that track. Also really liked Moreland & Arbuckle. Still trying to get Reignwolf mentioned in here though
    Definitely missing this. The video's been out for a while, but the album's due today/tomorrow (depending on your timezone)
    Pre-ordered and I got it yesterday. Really interesting record, very toolish and at times quite beautiful
    Just got the new one. Holding off for a 12 hour bus ride tonight to listen to it. Will it be reviewed on here? There's definitely a distinct lack of Karnivool mentioned on this site. They are a stellar band
    I never thought I would say this considering their last couple of albums but, KOL looks like the only band that really made something worthwhile. Atleast catchy and interesting. What the **** is that Pearl Jam song by the way?
    you are the total opposite of me, because I almost fell asleep during the first seconds of the kings of leon song and the new perl jam song rocks!
    Let me start by saying Kings of Leon are honestly one of the most original and talented bands EVER. Every single album has brought something different to the table, yet at the same time, ALWAYS retained that authentic KOL vibe. It truly takes a talented and rare group of individuals to achieve such a great streak of quality albums. So far, "Mechanical Bull" has blown me away! Supersoaker has one of Caleb's better vocal melodies (imo) and Matt's lead riff is pretty damn cool. Jared's bass sounds great as well. If every song ends up being this pure and catchy, it may be Kings of Leon's best effort to date. I really feel sorry for the people who wrote these guys off after "Only By the Night" (although I will never understand why), because "Come Around Sundown" and "Mechanical Bull" are awesome records sure to inspire and entertain. In a time when good music is hanging on for it's dear life, Kings of Leon are a rarity and a powerful musical force to be reckoned with.