New Music Playlist: Kiss, Orianthi, God Damn and More

Listen to our latest roundup of the biggest new rock streams from around the web.

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Welcome to this week's roundup of the biggest new rock streams from around the web.

We wish there were some bigger singles to draw from this week, but sometimes that's the way it swings. There's still some stellar underground records worth your time; God Damn are a genuinely exciting band who we haven't had the pleasure of hearing before, and definitely worth a spin. You might love HBS at the bottom too, with their psychedelic-inspired groove rock.

Elsewhere, it's a pretty standard fare of riff-heavy rock. And what better for a summer's day? Enjoy!

Kiss "Right Here Right Now"

Rock's most flamboyant masked mofos with a new video. Sorry about the Vevo pre-roll ad, but what else do you expect from Kiss?

Orianthi "Heaven in this Hell"

Orinathi is back with a monster of a crowd-pleaser. Awesome wailing solo in there around the 3:40 mark.

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Manic Street Preachers "Rewind the Film"

This acoustic-driven ballad features Richard Hawley and some massive timpani hits.

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God Damn "Red Checker"

Fantastic. We come across a lot of good rock, but few songs get our blood pumping like this stormer from God Damn. Great work, send us more!

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Leogun "Let's Be Friends"

One of people who like classic rock songwriting with a bit of modern polish. Sounds like this singer is a bit of a Robert Plant fan.

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Airbourne "No One Fits Me (Better Than You)"

A fist-pumping anthem from Airbourne, from their new album "Black Dog Barking."

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HBS "Baron Robber"

A pretty cool style here - it's like the most hooky bits of Mars Volta, with more measured vocals and a pretty stable groove. Which some might argue the Mars Volta should have done, come to think of it.

What tracks do you like and dislike? Let us know in the comments, and as usual, share your top music tips for us to check out for next week.

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    Rob Man
    Hell Yeah! I loved the KISS video! This song sounds like it could fit on quite a few of their older albums.
    Was cool until the vocals started
    I agree with both posts. If done back in 70s it would have been good fit to their early work. And Paul's voice is lost which makes me really sad since I consider him as one of the best front-men in the biz.
    Just don't know why I can't get into Orianthi.
    It's because she's really not that good.
    I'm think that that is probably the most likely reason. I'm sure people are going to make excuses and try and tell me "you don't like her for trivial reasons x, y, and z" but really... Just look at all of the random guitarists out there on youtube that can play circles around her in any genre, and yet most of them will never make it the way she did because they're not a "pretty" (which I don't really agree with) blond girl. And for everyone that will say "look at x, y, and z solos from her studio albums" (which aren't impressive at all), I say look up any videos of her at any guitar convention and listen to what her playing sounds like when put on the spot. Yeah, not pretty at all (and I mean the sound coming out of your speakers this time).
    am i the only one that thinks the kiss video proves how overrated they are?
    Check their old videos, if they suck at anything its videos, they are usually horrible and this one is not an exception - and this is coming from their big fan.
    God Damn are great, wild live shows too. You can grab their latest EP as a free download here:
    Sure there are better technically players than orianthi. But she's made it not cos she's blonde but because she's pulled her finger out of her arse & done something about it! Hard work & graft instead Of Moaning. At the end of the day most of the guitar players in the so called worlds greatest bands are average... Truth is you'll always find some one better than someone else... Ori's a mint player!
    The Rev19
    Love Orianthi's stuff. Sure her lyrics may be a bit cheesy, but there is no denying that she has talent as a guitar player (listen to the solo on Addicted to Love). Her new album is pretty good guitar wise in my opinion but like I said her lyrics could use a bit of work