New Music Playlist: Megadeth, Killing Joke, Queensryche and More

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New Music Playlist: Megadeth, Killing Joke, Queensryche and More
Welcome to our weekly roundup of the best new rock music streams. This week, Megadeth take a break from stirring flames in news headlines to post the debut track, "Kingmaker," from their new album, "Super Collider." Killing Joke and the original Queensryche make a comeback too - do they live up to your expectations? Further down there's some really impressive songs from rock supergroup the Winery Dogs which features former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy, and Gary Clark Jr. Don't miss them. Let us know what tracks you like most in the comments, and feel free to post links to your favorite discoveries this week - we always listen to them.

Megadeth "Kingmaker"

Megadeth are back with a brand new album on June 4 - here's the opening track.

Killing Joke "Corporate Effect"

I guess the band made up with singer Jaz Coleman who pulled a mean publicity stunt last year and "went missing" for weeks after ranting against future tour mates The Cult, because they're back with this new video.

Queensryche "Where Dreams Go to Die"

This the "original" Queensryche with new singer Todd La Torre, not the new offshoot by Geoff Tate. Their new album is available for pre-order ahead of its release on June 25.

The Winery Dogs "Desire"

Drummer Mike Portnoy joins bassist Billy Sheehan and one-time Poison guitarist Richie Kotzen in this funky rock outfit.

Deep Purple "Vincent Prince"

Their next single, to be released as a single on June 7.

Gary Clark Jr "Numb"

This is our secret favorite this week. Bluesy soul with roaring distortion and one of the most gripping guitar solos in any UG playlist this year. Stellar stuff.

Ragdoll "All I Want"

A debut by these Australian hard rockers which perked our ears up. Look out for an EP release and US tour from them this summer.

Deafhaven "Sunbather"

Huge post-rock with a straggly calming wall of guitars on this track which "deals with the profound sadness found in the quest for one's personal perfection," according to the band.
That's the end of our weekly playlist roundup. What do you like or loathe? Let us know in the comments.
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