New Music Playlist: Muse, Alice in Chains, Transplants and More

Watch the greatest video of all time, plus new streams from Tesseract, Kingdom Come, Tom Keifer and other great underground acts.

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Welcome to this week's playlist of the best new rock music streams from across the internet.

We normally start with songs from the biggest acts, but one video stood was so good that it simply had to come first. Say what you like about the music, but that Biting Elbows video is insane.

Then we've got new streams from Muse, Alice in Chains and Transplants before dicing into the wonderful world of alternative rock artists. This is our favorite part - finding off-radar music and bringing it to the UG masses. There's something for everyone down there, so make sure you try them all out and let us know what you like in the comments.

Biting Elbows "Bad Motherf--ker"

This video is going at the top because it's SO DAMN GOOD. The song isn't to our usual tastes, but what a video! Like a first-person perspective on a live-action movie. Brilliantly made, ambitious, and a lot of fun. Bravo!

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Muse "Panic Station"

Funky street-walking around an Eastern city with with this new single from the Muse fellas.

NOTE: You'd better replace your seriousity with your sense of humor before watching this epic stuff.

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Alice in Chains "Stone"

The second single from their forthcoming album "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" which is out on May 28.

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Transplants "Come Arounds"

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker returns with his side-project and a new album on June 25 called "In a Warzone".

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Tesseract "Of Mind"

Finally, no more short clips from Tesseract! Clips are always a bit of a bummer, especially from a good band, so it's great to hear a full five minutes of their unique brand of progressive rock.

Vienna Circle "Scarlet Dance"

When did you last hear a talkbox effect on guitar? This new track from prog rock newcomers Vienna Circle appears on their new album "Silhouette Moon."

In This Moment "Adrenalize"

Blimey, we didn't expect something that aggressive but there it is. Be warned, video might be a little too sexy for work.

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Beware of Darkness "Howl"

Like the sleaziest bits of Led Zeppelin rolled into one song. And louder. Can't argue with that.

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Kingdom Come "God Does Not Sing Our Song"

Awfully cheesy video, but a pretty solid rock song nonetheless.

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Star & Dagger "Your Mother Was a Grifter"

Soulful classic rock vibes from this badass female rock trio. Listen as it keeps on building up groove to a real foot-stomping dance track.

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Tom Keifer "Solid Ground"

If you want to know what a real touring American rock band sounds like, this is it. They probably have more experience and skill than every mainstream 20-something act in the charts in the last ten years.

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Black Spiders "The Distance"

Grunge that sounds like it could have come straight from Seattle, but instead hails from Sheffield in England where the Arctic Monkeys are from. You'd never guess it.

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Zed "Please"

Filthy blues rock with a video to match.

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    My goodness that verse from In This Moment sounds like something straight from Deftones - awesome stuff!
    "Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker returns with his side-project" why you don't mention Tm Armstrong instead?
    Oh my Maria Brink... Favorite song off the new album for In This Moment.
    The new Transplants stuff sounds good. It's not Barker's side project though. I think Tim, Rob and Travis all get equal credit there.
    That Black Spiders track is badass! Met lead singer Pete Spiby a few months ago when he came into my college to do a songwriting class with us. Great guy and great band!
    People really need to stop calling TesseracT "progressive". They're not. They may sound progressive to people who don't know Prog Rock or Prog Metal very well, but TesseracT are by no means progressive. Nor are any of the other ambient djent bands.
    Guys like you are dumb, you are so upset over predetermined "genres" without listening to the music. Genres are there so that people can identify music, it doesn't define what bands should or are doing musically. If all that makes sense.
    You've missed The Winery Dogs' video (Kotzen&Sheehan&Portnoy)
    Silver Blues
    This playlist is actually really good. The AIC song sounds like half Red Line Chemistry, half 10 Years. lol