New Music Playlist: Muse, Slash, Meshuggah

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New Music Playlist: Muse, Slash, Meshuggah
Two big new videos this week from Muse and Slash, though they're both a little underwhelming. Remember when big-budget rock videos actually looked expensive? Meanwhile, a hidden gem has been unearthed from the Meshuggah archive, and Earthtone9 are ramping up the steam for their reunion with a new preview from their first album in 11 years. Further down we have some lesser-known artists. Pond in particular have a really original recording here, but when two of their fleet are from the awesome Tame Impala it's no surprise. And Deathember, despite the totally ridiculous band name, have some really heavy stuff going on with a great energy. Finally, an unsigned band called the Archetypes got in contact out of the blue with what proved to be a really great song. I really didn't expect that - and it seems worth opening up these submissions to unsigned bands too. If you have a new song, share your Soundcloud links in the comments and we'll listen to them. Check them all out, and let us know what you think in the comments. Your music tips are welcome too - they even might appear in a future playlist.

Muse "Supremacy"

New video for the opening track to "The 2nd Law". I guess the only thing the marketing execs told the director is "we want goths. Lots of goths. Drinking cherryade."

Slash "Anastasia"

A live video for his new single from "Apocalyptic Love". What do you think?

Meshuggah "Pitch Black"

Originally recorded in 2003, this song is finally getting a release alongside a great b-side recorded in the Netherlands last year.

The Flaming Lips cover the Beatles "All You Need Is Love"

You'll have to form your own opinions on this one. All I can say is this: don't take on a classic if you don't have the minerals for it.

Nick Cave "Jubilee Street"

Warning, slightly NSFW. Nick Cave sings a song about prostitutes. As you do. It features London geezer-come-actor Ray Winstone - and a very large pair of boobs. Not Ray's, of course.

Pond "Giant Tortoise"

Tame Impala members help form the lineup for this Australian act. Awesome live psychedelic sounds and fuzzy recordings - this is bliss.

Earthone9 "March Of The Yeti"

Beloved Brit cult rockers Earthtone9 are releasing their first full album in 11 years soon - this is the first preview ahead of the forthcoming single "Preacher"

Deathember "Quietly"

Great blend of groovy metal and noisy grindcore. It features on their debut album "Going Postal" which is out on April 5.

Colossus "Pillars Of Perennity"

Heavy metal with a live vibe, all the way from Sweden.

The Archetypes "Steady Heart"

We haven't heard some decent fast-paced emo in a while, so this entry from an unsigned act was very welcome.Hey Archetypes, make a full album like this please!
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