New Music Playlist: NIN, Avenged Sevenfold, Jimmy Eat World and Axl Rose Before Gn'R

Unreleased demos from Axl Rose's old band Rapidfire have appeared online - hear them and more top rock streams from around the web right here.

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Welcome to our weekly playlist of new rock music streams from across the internet.

You're in luck this week, because almost every entry in this playlist is from a major artist. Maybe they should talk to each other and arrange to stagger these preview releases, but right now we don't mind because it's riff heaven up here.

We're opening with an unexpected stream of Axl Rose's pre-Guns N' Roses band Rapidfire. Take this a a point-of-interest stream rather than an official UG recommendation. Then there's a hint of new orchestral material from Avenged Sevenfold, a full album stream from emo heroes Jimmy Eat World, a huge premiere - a brand new Nine Inch Nails single and a run of classic metal acts to enjoy.

You might be asking where our usual rundown of great new underground acts has gone. Don't fret; we'll be back with some great new music tips next week, but there's one treat at the bottom from new prog band the Custodian. Sounds like they're set for great things by our ears - let us know what you think in the comments.

Axl Rose before Guns N' Roses

Before Gn'R, Axl Rose fronted the '80s band Rapidfire. Three decades later, a preview of their unreleased demo songs have appeared online thanks to the guitarist who wants to sell them if there's enough interest from fans. It's certainly no Gn'R - would you want to hear more?

YouTube preview picture

Avenged Sevenfold reveal new material snippet

The band are holding their cards very close to their chests, and only revealing the occasional preview of new material. This one-minute video clip features studio footage and some orchestral-inspired rock audio. What do you think?

YouTube preview picture

Nine Inch Nails - "Came Back Haunted"

New single - "Came Back Haunted". New album - "Hesitation Marks". The old name - Nine Inch Nails. There was no chance we would miss it. Do you feel excitement in the air?

Jimmy Eat World "Damage" [FULL ALBUM]

Hooray, a full album stream! What better way to get to know a band? Jimmy Eat World went analog on this album to avoid the cut-and-paste precision of digital studios, and the resulting live vibe takes them right back to their proper emo roots. How does it rank in their discography for you?

Megadeth "Built For War"

Several tracks have been released from the new Megadeth record "Super Collider" but they've seen a mixed reaction so far. Where do you stand?

Newsted "Heroic Dose"

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted will release the debut "Heavy Metal Music" by his new lineup on August 6.

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Queensryche "Fallout"

Another preview track from their forthcoming Todd La Torre-fronted album, out on June 25.

Beck "Defriended"

Electronic music would rarely swing into a UG playlist unless it were backed by industrial explosions and war cries, but Beck has proved his salt as a guitarist and all-round musician and this new electronic ditty is a grooving pleasure.

YouTube preview picture

The Custodian "Other People's Lives"

Fascinating prog rock from this new London band. Their debut album "Necessary Wasted Time" will be out later this year.

Which tracks do you like best? Have you found any tracks worth sharing this week? Let us know about them in the comments.

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    The music's pretty good, but The Custodian has got to be one of the worst band names I've ever heard. Surely they can do better than that. Also Beck is a genius.
    I love how each Beck album barely sounds like the previous album and still I manage to love all of them. What a ****ing quality song. New NIN is also pretty cool. On topic, UG should do a little coverage of Kurt Vile's new album, Wakin On a Pretty Daze. He's pretty much one of the best things happening in folk/indie music nowadays...
    All I gotta say is the new NIN track is ****ing incredible. Love you Trent Reznor!!!
    You should check out Hollywood Rose. It's Axl's band from right before GNR. I think Izzy is in it also, but can't reacall for sure off the top of my head. It's available streaming around the web, myspace maybe. You're in for a treat.
    The A7X bit made me think of Dimmu Borgir or Nightwish, and I mean that as a bad thing. Lifeless rhythm guitars that serve as nothing more than percussion? Check. Same old lousy sounding lead guitar harmonies (I've never understood how they make them so annoying, be it the technique, the tone, or whatever)? Check. Cheesy and more-or-less completely unnecessary "symphonic" elements? Check. I've never really liked them, but that snippet sounds far worse than anything I've heard from them. Songs like Beast and the Harlot, Bat Country, Chapter Four, Unholy Confessions, etc were at least catchy and memorable. This sounds like an attempt to use any sort of trendy commercially viable blabbity-blah they can possibly imagine to sell records.
    Silver Blues
    What...? I haven't ever listened to these guys but that snippet sounds like it's leading somewhere big, provided they can do it right. I think it's a novel idea, what it seems to me like they're going for.
    Huge fan of A7X, and I think this snippet from All Hail Andronikos is pretty weak. Wish they would stop teasing and just release a single, so I can get a better picture of the upcoming album.
    I'm just wondering what Shadows with sounds like this time around. We have yet to hear any of his vocal work for this album.
    Wow. Wouldnt say it THAT bad. But I agree, its a little weak. Its good for them though. When the do put the whole thing out, if they pull it off right, I will be very impressed. If not, i wont be shocked or any more disapponted.
    So excited about the new Jimmy Eat World album. It sounds absolutely fantastic, little hints of Clarity but with the better production and songwriting that comes from all the experience they've gained in their long career.
    A friend's friend play in this band, I thought they were cool enough, some fun riffs and a nice singer:
    I'm seriously bummed about the new Megadeth record. I really wanted to like it. There are three songs that I liked (one of them has an awesome slide guitar country vibe and the other is a Thin Lizzy cover). I managed to even like most of Th1rt3en, but this record just sounds uninspired. On a seperate note, can't wait to see NIN in November!!