New Music Playlist: Periphery, Adrenaline Mob and More

There's some fantastic underground artists to discover too - vote for your favourite and help them win this week's poll.

Ultimate Guitar

2014 is finally starting to settle in, and new music is finally starting to flow through the veins of the rock scene. (Sorry about last week's playlist, it was a barren wasteland out there).

We're back in full force with a brand new experimental album by Periphery which you can hear in full. Elsewhere there's an Adrenaline Mob track, and lots of fantastic classic rock, with a little brutal metal reminiscent of Converge thrown in on the end there.

You can also vote for your favourite tracks in the poll below. Pixies won last week's vote - but it could be anyone this week, and the best tracks appear in our end-of-month roundup again. Enjoy!

Periphery "Clear" [FULL ALBUM]

Adrenaline Mob "Men of Honor"

Cynic "Kindly Bent to Free Us"

Midlake "The Old & The Young"

Beseech "One Last Call" and "The Ingredients"

Twilight "Lungs"

Skam "Rivers"

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    Periphery, just for "Pale Aura" and "Feed The Ground". Already pre-ordered it.
    Can't pick between Cynic and Periphery, dang it.
    I know, right? Haha. I didnt even know Cynic had released a new track this week, but I think Im going to go with Periphery due to the fact that it's a few songs vs. only one song.
    So now three days in a row been blasted with Periphery commercials
    You don't have to come to UG you know. If the periphery news annoys you so much then go elsewhere for news.
    Not that I don't like Periphery but this is ultimate-guitar not periphery's official website. I was going to put their URL in but it asks for a impossible to read Captcha.. and the audio one is HILARIOUS!
    And the constant articles about A7X or Metallica dont bother you?
    And the constant articles about A7X or Metallica dont bother you?
    If you are really that offended by reading some mild comments on a music website, then YOU should go elsewhere.