New Music Playlist: Pixies, Marilyn Manson, American Head Charge and More

Listen to this week's roundup of new music streams, and share your own discoveries in the comments.

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Welcome to this week's roundup of the best new music from around the web.

We're pleased to see the Pixies return, because there's nothing quite like hearing frontman Frank Black in his element. Then we've got new music from American Head Charge who have gone independent, before a very strange collaboration between Marilyn Manson and a French DJ - we'll let you be the judge of whether it sounds good or not.

Further down there's some of our latest discoveries from lesser-known acts, but as always we welcome your contributions. If you know of great alternative acts who deserve a place in our playlist next week, let us know and we'll check them out. Enjoy!

Pixies "Bagboy"

Founding bassist Kim Deal might have quit, but Pixies have gone ahead to release their first new single in nine years without her. Try it here.

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American Head Charge "Writhe"

The band are going independent on their next release, the first in six years. "We're extremely proud of this little gem," says bassist Chad Hanks.

Marilyn Manson & Mr Oizo "Solid" (NSFW)

The shock rocker teams with with a popular French DJ (?!). Yeah, it sounds awful. Manson: why? Warning, Manson's contribution is NSFW.

Franz Ferdinand "Right Action"

British indie rock isn't huge around these parts, but Franz Ferdinand are definitely one of its better examples, with a little hint of the Doors in their sound. This is their next single.

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Phoenix "Trying to be Cool"

French pop legends Phoenix have two different film crews swapping roles as the video goes on, with some mind-bending results.

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Abysmal Dawn "In Service of Time"

An earth-shaking video which was over a year in the making, for a song which appears on "Leveling the Plans of Existance."

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Darkane "Mechanically Divine" (Album Samples)

Hear a preview from the Swedish band's forthcoming album "The Sinister Supremacy."

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Last Chance to Reason "Rebirth"

The tech-metal act return with their third album "Level 3" on August 6 - check out a sample track here.

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What are your favorite tracks? Let us know in the comments.

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    Manson just makes me cringe for all the wrong reasons now. I really dig the Phoenix track, I always find that they are such a pleasant surprise.
    I was listening to the track, and the entire time I kept thinking, "when is Manson going to come up". And then I realized that I was listening to him the entire time. What a shitty song.
    Manson is terrible. Holy Crap. Did anybody make it through the whole track? I could of recorded that in my basement in 1985.
    manson... i dunno what the frig has happened to him, i was never even that big of a fan but now its just like watching (and i say this as genuinely as possible) and chubby old goth shouting horribly into a knuckle duster. WITH JOHNNY DEPP ON THE SCENE FOR SOME REASON... What the hell happened, you used to pull it off, even to the haters, they couldnt deny your talent. Now you just look and sound horrible. as for AHC... ive always hated them, one of the worst sounds ever for me. still, whats an opinion. I'm sure they have a lot of fans.
    Not sure if it's the right place for it, but you should add a song of this band in your next Music Playlist :
    Abysmal Dawn sounded really cool til their vocals kicked in. TOTALLY ruined it for me.