New Music Playlist: QOTSA, Stone Sour, Spock's Beard and More

There's even a surprise collaboration between Psy and Meshuggah in this week's roundup of the latest music streams.

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Welcome to our weekly roundup of the latest new music streams from around the web.

This week, Queens of the Stone Age gave us something different while promoting their new album on French radio, and Stone Sour return with a glistening new lyric video.

Further down, there's some sweet new tracks from lesser-known acts like Lissie, and then we finish up with something you'd never expect: a collaboration between Meshuggah and YouTube sensation Psy. Brliiant, even if it didn't really happen. Enjoy!

Queens of the Stone Age "One Hundred Days" [Mark Lanegan cover]

QOTSA recently appeared on French radio to cover this song by their friend and collaborator Mark Lanegan.

Stone Sour "The Uncanny Valley"

New lyric video from this track which features on their new album "House of Gold & Bones Part 2."

YouTube preview picture

Spock's Beard "Submerged"

A new single from their spring album "Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep." Not as proggy as you might expect, from this lot.

YouTube preview picture

Born of Osiris "Machine"

Roaring metal which acts as a taster for their new LP which will be out in August.

YouTube preview picture

Lissie "Shameless"

Lissie is full of attitude and overdriven vocals, and if you believe the legends, she doesn't even need an effect pedal to do it.

YouTube preview picture

King Khan & The Shrines "Born To Die"

The spirit of the early '70s is alive and well in this number from the international lineup in King Khan and the Shrines.

And now for something else...

Meshuggah Feat. Psy

What would it sound like if Korean rapper Psy teamed up with Meshuggah? There's only one way to find out...

Which tracks do you like or loathe? Let us know your favorites in the comments.

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    The Uncanny Valley is my favorite song on HoGaB Pt2. I love this solo
    I'm not quite feeling their latest 2 albums like I did their first one. Monolith and Inhale are my 2 all-time favorite Stone Sour songs. With the two in-between albums I didn't quite feel the music pulling me in. HoGaB 1 and 2 are pretty good but IMO not their best.
    I've been looking forward to Lissie's 2nd album for quite some time now. The album release in September will be a nice birthday present for me. She's a great singer and songwriter, i absolutely recommend her debut album, "Catching A Tiger".
    Not often you see a Spock's Beard song in UG news! Good that they get some love as their new record is spectacular!
    One Hundred Days is my favorite song from Mark Lanegan's solo career and it's great to see it brought back to life. Not as good as the original but still pretty damn good.
    i like the Born Of Osiris song but i hope the rest of the album has more creative riffs
    New Spock's Beard? Too bad it isn't that great. Sounds like a bar band... Do enjoy the Whammy Pedal lick though.
    I just dont understand why most of the people still listen to those gibberish pop when they got some good stuff like Lissie still going on.