New Music Playlist: Underoath, Jack White, BRMC And More

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New Music Playlist: Underoath, Jack White, BRMC And More
Welcome to our new series of music playlists. We've spent the past week rooting through the latest music streams to share the latest and greatest new music with you. Hopefully there's something for everyone in here; hard metal, stadium rock, instrumental ambience, hardcore punk and even some old-school blues. Just skip through each track and you'll find something to love by the end. We've changed the format a little since our first playlist last week. This time, the better-known acts are near the top. Lesser-known acts are near the bottom of the list, so if you're looking for something fresh for your record collection, make sure you scroll down there. Most importantly, we want to hear about which artists you like most. Your feedback will help us understand what genres you're most interested in, and the artists you pick up on have a better chance of news coverage in the future. Time to hit play, starting with the best known acts. Onward!

Underoath "Sunburnt"

A new video for a song first released last November as part of their "Anthology 1999-2013" compilation. Not that they need video promotion - last October they announced they would breakup in 2013.

Jack White to reissue classic blues records

He's teamed up with a little known Scottish record label to release some of the most important blues records in American history. See how much care is going into the reissues with this short trailer.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Let The Day Begin"

Sounds like BRMC want to headline stadiums, judging by the reverberant production on this track which will appear on their seventh album "Specter At The Feast" this year.

Mogwai "Wizard Motor"

British instrumentalists Mogwai were drafted in to score a soundtrack to an odd new French TV series. It's not as heavy as their recent albums, but will be bliss to fans of their ambient albums.

Tomahawk "Oddfellows" (Full Album)

We posted this as a news feature but only three people left a comment. Three people! If you didn't realise, Tomahawk is made up of some of the best underground rock musicians ever, so give them another shot.

Funeral For A Friend "Conduit"

A long album sampler for fans of the British emo rockers.

The Black Angels "Don't Play With Guns"

Raw psychedelic rock from The Black Angels. Their album is out in early April.

Cancer Bats "The Great Divide"

Aggressive, riff-heavy metal. Cancer Bats are planning to re-release their "Dead Set On Living" album with a bunch of new material, including this.

Vried "The Way Of The Serpent"

Some call their music "a unique travel in black metal." It draws plenty of influence, but Vried have a lot to offer of their own too.

Call Of The Void "Dragged Down A Dead End Path"

Awesome sounding hardcore in the vein of Pig Destroyer and Converge with this exciting debut album. This is only a short sample, because litening to the full track would melt your mind.

Vera Cruz "Skinteethandnails" (Full Album)

Sharing a full-length album is a great way to get on the weekly UG playlist, after sounding great. French hardcore band Vera Cruz win on both fronts.

Photo credit: Chloé Jacquet

That's the end of the weekend playlist. What did you think of the music this week? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to upvote any comments you agree with.
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